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YOCAHER New Complete Longboard KICKTAIL 70’s shape skateboard w/ 71mm wheels Review

Yocaher New Kicktail Complete Longboard

Editor Rating4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
Fully assembledYes
Whole Longboard (Width x Length)9.75'' x 40''
Whole Longboard Weight7 lbs
Deck Type
Traditional Cruiser
Deck MaterialsHardwood Maple
Deck Length 40"
Deck Width 9.75"
How Much Ply7 Ply
Truck Width7"
Truck Material Aluminum Alloy
King PinStandard
Wheel ShapeSquare
Wheel MaterialPolyurethane
Wheel Diameter70 x 51 mm
Durometer Rating78A
Bearing ABEC Rating ABEC-5
Bearing MaterialStainless Steel

The YOCAHER New Complete Longboard KICKTAIL 70’s Shape Skateboard is one of the most impressive longboards that comes with various attractive paintings and eye catching colorful graphics.  These wide kicktail shape Yocaher New Kicktail Complete Longboard are suitable for doing various tricks in the way of your riding. If you are a person like to make lots of fun with a longboard, these well-equipped and multi-color longboards are the right options for you. The joyful riders are fully satisfied with the variety and worthiness of this longboard series.

Perfect Longboard for Cruising and Carving Around the Town

The Yocaher New Kicktail Complete Longboard are perfect for cruising and carving around the town. This 40 inches long and 9.75 inches wide maple wood made longboard is stable enough for high speed cruising around the town. You will get the maximum steady mood for making carving on the surface in the way to your traveling. The spacious deck of this longboard is quite helpful for keeping the foot comfortably on the deck with necessary balance at the time of carve riding.

The 7 inches width aluminum truck provides responsive and peaceful riding experience at the time of taking the quick turn in a narrow corner. This truck is also suitable for lots of carving. Hassle free smooth cruising and carving with this longboard is easy and enjoyable because of its 78A soft wheel that provides adequate grips for the stability of this longboard.

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Best Longboards for Beginner Rider

The Yocaher New Kicktail Complete Longboard are the best longboard for beginner riders. Most of the new riders want to cruise the town with a longboard and they do numerous carving when travel around the town. The deck of this longboard is wide enough to stable riding and hard enough to speedy riding. Because of such opportunities, beginners prefer this longboard very much for carving. Its aluminum truck is responsive a lot and wheels are appropriately soft for beginners riding. Such desired qualities of this longboard have made it one of the best longboards for the beginner riders.

Fascinating Color and Design

The color and design of the Yocaher Longboards are quite fascinating. The brightness and expressiveness of the colorful graphic design attract the attention of the fashionable riders as well as the mass people. This longboard is available in various color and they are painted with the different image on its bottom. Due to such a handful collection you will have wide options for buying your right one for cruising, carving and tricks making.

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Benefits of  YOCAHER New Complete Longboard KICKTAIL 70’s shape skateboard w/ 71mm wheels 

7 Plies Hardwood Maple Deck: The 40 inches long and 9.75 inches wide deck of the yocaher longboards is made of hardwood maple. The hardness of wood has made this longboard strong enough for busy using. It also a high pressure tolerated longboard due to the maple material. Additionally, the 7-ply construction of this maple deck is mostly suitable for gearing up the speed of this longboard. So, because of this longboard comes with 7-ply hardwood maple deck, it is able to go fast with absorbing any unusual force at the time of riding.

7″-Hanger Aluminum Alloy Truck: The truck of a longboard is the very vital part. The Yocaher New Kicktail Complete Longboard come with 7″-hanger aluminum alloy truck. This aluminum truck is sturdy a lot for absorbing turning pressure and able to provide maximum responsiveness at the time of taking the sharp turn in any bent roadway. The standard kingpin of this longboard is also suitable for freestyle riding.

71 x 51 mm Wheels: The wheels of measuring 71 by 51 mm are ideal for the optimal high speed of a longboard. Such kind of wheel has equipped this longboard for adequate speed riding. The yocaher longboards have the 78A wheels those are soft enough for riding on the uneven surface. But, the wheels are square in this longboard and sometimes they are the cause of little traction.

Durable ABEC-5 Bearing: The Yocaher New Kicktail Complete Longboard come with ABEC-5 rated bearing. This kind of bearing is good quality for smooth riding. Most of the longboard use this widely popular bearing for its sustainability and endurance. This durable bearing is able to provide a steady cruising and carving. For doing adequate tricks, this ABEC-5 rated bearing is ideal one and provide moderate speed in cruising around the town.

With Grip Tape: The grip tape used in this longboard is fantastic one in respect of quality. It can keep the riders foot in a right position on the deck and protect the top portion of the deck from any unusual scratch. For compactness of the longboard, this grip tape also plays an important role.

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Easy to Control: This longboard is easy to control at the time of cruising around the town. The 9.75 inches wide of the deck and 7 inches adjustable truck is appropriate for easy control of this longboard. Due to the spacious deck, keeping yourself in the right position on the deck is possible and controlling and maneuvering at turning is easy for its good quality aluminum truck. Moreover, the 78A rated soft wheel with desired grips is also helpful for controlling this longboard at any high speed riding.

Good Turning Capability: The turning capability of the Yocaher New Kicktail Complete Longboard is fantastic. The extended deck of this longboard remains stable and the truck offers the maximum turning opportunity at the time of taking the turn in the narrow corner. The grip wheel also provides good turning capability at high-speed riding.

Strength:  The strength of this longboard is sufficient due to its good quality parts and materials. The hardwood maple has made this longboard robust enough for tolerating any unusual pressure. It has got strength also from its strong aluminum truck. And the PU wheel and stainless steel bearing are strong enough too.

Flexibility: The deck of Yocaher New Kicktail Complete Longboard is made of 7-ply hardwood maple. Maple wood is a hard and strong particle that provides this longboard sustainability and that’s why it is less flexible. But, the 7-ply construction of the deck is able to give medium flexibility.

Stability: The 40 inches long and 9.75 inches wide deck of this longboard is fit for stable riding at its high speed. This longboard also gets stability because of its 78A rated soft wheel. The good quality ABEC-5 rated bearing is able to provide smooth and stable riding to this longboard.

Longevity: The yocaher longboards are really long lasting stuff. The deck material of this longboard is worth of longevity. The 7 inches aluminum truck is strong and durable enough for the longevity of this longboard. It has good quality 71 by 51 mm diameter wheel and ABEC-5 rated bearing that are perfect for long lasting of this longboard. Most of the real users have reported that they are pleased with the longevity of Yocaher New Kicktail Complete Longboard. They have been using this for more than 3-4 years.

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  1. Innovative fun making longboard with lots of tricks
  2. Lucrative graphic design and kicktail shape
  3. Impressive colorful painting on the bottom
  4. Stock with multi-color longboard
  5. Fit for long term cruising and carving
  6. Long lasting enough for good quality materials
  7. Great longboard in terms of high speed
  8. Great quality and value worthy
  9. Wonderfully constructed for beginner riders as it is able to provides stable riding


  1. Medium flexible due to 7-ply maple wood construction
  2. Bearing may need to change in respect of frequent riders
  3. Color could be removed by frequent touch of water

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Question-1: Does the truck of this board need to be adjusted?

Answer: The truck used in this longboard is well adjusted. If you feel that the more responsive turn radius you need, you can adjust it little.

Question-2: Does the shape is perfect for stable riding?

Answer: This is a 40 inches long and 9.75 inches wide longboard that is stable enough for cruising and tricks making.

Question-3: How much weight can this board hold?

Answer: This longboard is capable to hold around 250lbs weight of the rider.

Question-4: What is the color of the deck and wheel of this board?

Answer: This board comes with various colors of deck and wheel.

Question-5: Do I need to assemble the board?

Answer: No, this longboard comes with complete assemble.

Question-6: What is the color of the top of these longboards?

Answer: The color of the deck top of these longboards is black.

Question-7: For which age’s users the board is suitable?

Answer: This board is suitable for the user of the age of 8 and above. So, both the beginners and professionals can use it.

Question-8: What kind of surface is suitable for this board?

Answer: Due to its 78A rated soft wheel, this longboard can move easily on the plain surface as well as uneven roadway.

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In summary, the Yocaher New Kicktail Complete Longboard are the extraordinary riding stuff in terms of their high-quality materials. The long term users of this longboard are extremely satisfied with the parts and materials used in this board. Well-made and fun making quality, most of the authentic buyers of this equipment are really delighted with their purchase. The impressive colorful graphic attracts the attention of the regular riders.  And finally, for its stable and smoothness quality, this longboard has become widely popular to the happy riders.

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