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YOCAHER New Complete Longboard-MINI CRUISER- BANANA CRUISER 27″ X 8″ Review

Yocaher Mini Cruiser Longboard

Editor Rating4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
Fully assembledYes
Whole Longboard (Width x Length)8'' x 27''
Whole Longboard Weight5 lbs
Deck Type
Mini Cruiser
Deck MaterialsHardwood Maple
Deck Length 27"
Deck Width 8"
How Much Ply7 Ply
Truck Width5"
King PinStandard King Pin
Durometer Rating78A
Wheel ShapeSquare
Wheel MaterialPolyurethane
Wheel Diameter62 mm
Bearing ABEC Rating ABEC-5
Bearing MaterialStainless Steel

The YOCAHER New Complete Longboard-MINI CRUISER- BANANA CRUISER is wonderfully manufactured with all tiny size parts and materials. The regular commuting around the town is very enjoyable with this Yocaher longboard. It is a real fun and tricks making longboard you used ever. The light weight and easy operating characters have made this tiny stuff much popular to the authentic riders. Most of the typical users are like this longboard due to the easy carrying and keeping opportunity of this banana cruiser.

Perfect for Cruising, Tricks and City Transportation

The Yocaher Mini Cruiser longboard is the perfect one for cruising, doing tricks and city transportation. The maple made deck and the good quality truck is strong and well performing in the case of cruising and city transportation. You will be able to get maximum high speed in respect of such traveling due to the trusty worthy parts and materials of the deck of this longboard.

The 78A rated soft and square wheel will offer you desired grip at your cruising, even on little uneven roadways. Additionally, due to its small size and kicktail provision, it is adequately capable offering huge tricks. You will be able to do jumping on the high and low surface with keeping this longboard at the bottom of your foot efficiently.

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Ideal Longboard for Kids under 13

The Yocaher Mini Cruiser longboard is an ideal longboard for the kids who are under 13 in respect of age. The tiny shape of this longboard is able to provide them maximum opportunities of simple operating and easy pushing. It is easy to carry and can be kept in a small locker. But, due to its skinny size and built-up strength, children will get the desired speed at the time of riding.

Additionally, this longboard is suitable for fun making that children love much. Children will be able to do huge tricks in the way to their cruising. Due to its small kicktail, enjoying flipkick and Ollie is very natural to them.

Stable and Smooth Riding Capability

One of the remarkable features of the Yocaher Mini Cruiser Longboard is its stability and smooth riding capability. The shape and size of the deck of this longboard are perfect for offering maximum stability when you ride around the city. This mini cruiser deck is specially made for stable and medium distance cruising. The 78a wheel of this board is also soft enough for giving much grip that is important for smooth and stable riding experience. Moreover, the ABEC-5 rated bearing is capable enough for riding smoothly.

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Benefits of  YOCAHER New Complete Longboard-MINI CRUISER- BANANA CRUISER 27″ X 8″

7-Ply Maple Deck: Maple wood is extensively used and much popular material for producing longboard and has been leading in the field of longboard making field. The 7-ply maple deck of the Yocaher Mini Cruiser longboard has made it an excellent cruising board for high speed riding. This hardwood maple 27 inches long and 8 inches wide deck of this longboard is strong enough and durable for long term use.

Though this material is relatively stiff enough and robust for pressure tolerating, the 7-ply construction has made this longboard medium flexible. But, riders get the deck related opportunity from its compact maple material mostly.

Heavy Duty Truck: The truck of the Yocaher Mini Cruiser Longboard is heavy duty one. The 5 inches wide aluminum standard kingpin trucks have the strength enough for carrying much weight and able to tolerate the adequate pressure of speed riding and turn. The standard kingpin of this longboard is fit for freeriding. For the responsive turning capability in a narrow corner, you can enjoyably use this longboard.

62mm PU Wheel: The wheels used in this longboard are good in quality. The 62 mm wheel is fit for this longboard in respect of its size and shape. They are 78A rated that means the wheel is soft and is able to provide grip enough for moving through slight crack surface smoothly.

Kick Tail: The Yocaher Mini Cruiser comes with a small kicktail that is suitable for making lots of tricks. Most of the riders like to do tricks and fun in the way to their traveling and any certain ground with a longboard. In this regard, this banana cruiser longboard is perfectly manufactured for doing the tricks of flipkick and Ollie. By this kicktail longboard jumping and get on to the footpath or get down to the road is very easy and joyful.

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Grip Tape: The grip tape used in this longboard is fine. It brightness has made an attractive look of this board. Besides protecting the deck top of the board, the grip tape ensures the proper balance of the rider on the longboard deck for stable riding.

Various Design and Color: The Yocaher Mini Cruiser longboard has come with various design and color. There are lots of attractive graphic design and colorful painting at bottom of this longboard. So, you can choose one for you from a handful option of fascinating longboard.

Easy to Carry: The most important character of this longboard is that it is easy to carry. Sometimes you need not ride the board, and then you can carry this longboard very easily due to its light weight and tiny size. Because of this trait, most of the children like to purchase this longboard very much.

Strength: This longboard is made of mostly with good quality parts and materials. The deck of this small size longboard is made of hardwood maple. The originality of the maple wood is unquestionable. So, its deck is strong enough and pressure tolerated. The 5 inches aluminum truck is traditional one that shows the usual responsiveness. The wheel is soft and the quality of the bearing is adequate for speed riding. So, this mini size longboard has sufficient strength for cruising and commuting with lots of tricks.

Longevity: The longevity of the Yocaher Mini Cruiser Longboard is good enough. You will be able to use this longboard more than around 3-4 years. Most of the busy users have been using this longboard on a regular basis. The hard maple is well long lasting and the truck is really strong for busy and long term use. The PU wheel and ABEC-5 rated bearing have also given this longboard much longevity.

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  • Good looking tiny size and shape.
  • Easy to push and ride.
  • Simple operation and easy carrying.
  • Various attractive color and graphic design.
  • Numerous tricks and fun making longboard.
  • Well turn ability and fast moving cruiser.
  • Cool longboard for the novice kids.
  • Excellent kicktail for move on the large crack and Ollie up curb.


  1. Trucks may need to tight for more stable turning
  2. Some users experienced little bumping
  3. Bearing may need to be replaced for more smooth riding

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Question-1: By what the board is covered?

Answer: The top of the deck of this longboard is covered with a good quality black grip tape.

Question-2: Is the board suitable for 8 years old?

Answer: The structure and shape of this longboard is fine. Children under 13 can use this longboard very easily.

Question-3: Does the beginner riders can use this board?

Answer: Yes, the beginner users will feel free to use this longboard due to its easy operation.

Question-4: What kind of surface is suitable for this longboard?

Answer: This longboard is able to move through plain and crack surface due to its 78A rated wheel.

Question-5: How much weight the board can carry?

Answer: This longboard is strong enough and able to carry around 250lbs rider.

Question-6: Have any kicktail in this longboard?

Answer: Yes, this longboard has a short kicktail for which doing tricks is easy.

Question-7: Does this longboard gives stiff feeling?

Answer: Due to its construction and material it is relatively stiff, but the soft wheel provides smooth and stable riding.

Question-8: Is the board suitable for downhill riding?

Answer: This longboard is appropriate for cruising around, not exactly for downhill riding.

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In summary, the Yocaher Mini Cruiser Longboard is widely appreciated cruising equipment that is outstanding one for its cute size and shape. This quality has made this banana cruiser longboard quite different from many others currently available in the marketplaces. Though it is tiny in size, cruising around the city is quite easy with this longboard due to its well-structured materials. Tricks and fun loving users are entirely delighted with this mini cruiser as it is able to offer lots of amusing tasks as well as desired strength and durability.

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