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Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard 44-Inch Review

Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard 44-Inch

Riding StyleCruising, Carving, Downhill & Freeride
Editor Rating5 Stars (5 / 5)
Fully assembledYes
Whole Longboard (Width x Length)10'' x 44''
Whole Longboard Height (Surface to Top)5.5"
Whole Longboard Weight10 lbs
Deck Type
Traditional Cruiser
Deck MaterialsBamboo and Hardwood Maple
Deck Long44"
Deck Width 10"
Ply5 Plies
Truck Width7"
Truck Height5''
Truck MaterialLightweight Aluminum
King PinReverse King Pin
Wheel Durometer Rating80A
Wheel ShapeSquare
Wheel materialPolyurethane
Wheel Diameter (H x W)70 x 51mm
Bearing ABEC RatingABEC-5
Bearing MaterialStainless Steel


If you are a beginner or professional and searching for the finest longboard in the market, then you are at the right place. This Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard 44-Inch is one of the best longboards ever released. It is the most selling product at Amazon longboard-skateboard section. Traditional attractive design, multi-ply bamboo-maple combined flexible wide deck, great combination of high-quality parts, light weight, affordability- all these features make this board one of the most popular longboards in the longboard history.

What make Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard the Best of All?

This is one of the best selling products in longboard history. It got astonishing success in the market because of its exceptional qualities.

The Quest Super Cruiser  is really easy and comfortable to use, thanks to its awesome shape for providing great maneuverability and stability. It’s a perfect longboard for both beginning and professional riders.

You can use it on different kinds of roads, even on rough surfaces. This Quest Longboard is ideal for downhill or racing, freeride or sliding styles. Its kick tail helps you make some tricks and frisking. Its longevity and durability is really praiseworthy. You can easily use it for 1.5 – 3 years. More than 90% user feedback is positive (To See the Feedback Click Here).

Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard

As a Beginner, Why Should I Buy This?

Every beginner requires some special qualities in a longboard like light weight durable wide deck, heavy-duty truck, high-quality wheel and bearing. Moreover, it must have the ability to move smoothly on any surface. This Quest Super Cruiser is giving you all the features you like at a relatively low price.

44 inches long and 10 inches wide bamboo deck ensures the stability and comfortable ride. Rugged 7-Inch aluminum trucks, 80A durometer polyurethane wheel, ABEC-5 rated still bearing are high-quality parts. These parts give you speed, strength, quick turn, smooth riding on any road. In addition, the kick tail supports you to make some tricks on the road.

The traditional cruiser deck has the technical shape and artistic design that make it good-looking. Quest Super Cruiser is one of the best longboards which will fulfill requirements of the buyer at the affordable price.

So if anyone likes to get the top quality longboard for beginners, then obviously Quest Super Cruiser is an ideal choice.

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Benefits of Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard 44-Inch

Best for Cruising: There are some features of this board which make it suitable for cruising. 80A hard wheel and ABEC-5 rated high-quality bearing make less traction on the road and help to increase speed. Light weight flexible wide deck gives great maneuver and stability on the top when you are cruising. Additionally, this Quest longboard is also a perfect longboard for downhill and freeriding.Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Cruiser Deck

Traditional Cruiser Deck: This deck is made of maple and bamboo with 5 plies combination. It is 10 inches wide and a traditional cruiser deck. Bamboo is naturally flexible and maple is hardwood. These two materials make it as flexible, strong and can carry more than a 250+lbs rider. For these qualities, this deck is perfect for any kind of road and rider.

Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard wheel

High-Quality wheel: This wheel is made of high-quality polyurethane and its dimension is 70 x 51mm. Its durometer rating or hardness is 80A.  That means this wheel makes less traction with the surface and takes little bit push to increase the speed. Moreover, its round shape and shock absorbing capability ensure great maneuverability and smooth riding experience without increasing the center of gravity.

Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Kick Tail

Kick Tail: The Kick tail is another extra feature of this board. It helps to make tricks on the road. Moreover, kick tail increases maneuverability when you are running it on a crowded space or a zigzag road.

Strength: Strength and toughness are two of the other reasons why this board is ideal for the beginners. Multi-ply 44-inches hardwood maple and beautiful artisan bamboo deck; rugged 7-inch lightweight aluminum and reverse kingpin trucks; hardness 8oA and 70 x 51mm dimension polyurethane wheels; ABEC 5 rated steel bearings with hollow 4mm risers; –  all these high-quality parts make this longboard a heavy-duty performer.

Flexibility: It’s also an extremely flexible longboard. Because of the combination of bendable bamboo and sturdy maple hardwood, it’s both shock absorbing and crack resistant. For the reason, it is much flexible. Flexibility gives smooth riding experience and good balance.

Longevity: The capacity for strength also translates to Longevity. After using it for more than 2 to 3 years, most of the consumers don’t find any damaged parts in this longboard. Some just need to change the bearing after 1 or 2 years for heavy use or lack of care.

Extreme Maneuvers: Because of its functional design, this Quest bamboo longboard is perfect for extreme maneuvers. Light weight flexible wide deck and traditional cruiser shape give excellent balance on the rough surface. Moreover, it is very easy to run and control. Its 7 inches trucks with 8oA durable polyurethane wheels help make a quick turn at high speed.  Additionally, its kick tail helps make some tricks and frisking too.

Excellent Design: Natural bamboo-black color and excellent traditional cruiser shape design make this board more attractive to the consumer. The quality of this longboard, along with its color and design, is praised by most of the users. On the top of the board there is a black grip tape and on the deck bottom, the simple black diagonal line, with the bamboo color creates a natural look.

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Suitable for every Style, Surface and Person

The ease of movement and smooth ride on varying types of terrains make the Quest Super Cruiser suitable for every riding style, riding surface and type of person who wants to use it.

It’s great for firm concrete as well as loose riding surfaces like gravel and dirt. It’s perfect for kids who want to go fast and pull some cornering tricks as well as for adults just trying to cruise down the road.

It’s great for progression from novice riding ability to pro. With its long deck, you don’t have to worry about your balance. But it’s fast enough to give anyone brave enough an exciting ride when in motion.

It is one of those rare boards that are made for both pleasure and adventure. This Quest Bamboo Board is one of the few “family” longboards in that every member of your family, both young and old, is the appropriate age for the kind of ride this longboard can offer. Truly, it’s for everybody.

Perfect Combination of Parts

The other reason why this Quest longboard is so great is that it’s the perfect combination of lightweight building materials. It has the bamboo and maple deck, light weight aluminum trucks, durable and sturdy polyurethane wheels with excellent spin control and hollow bearing. All these components have made it a lightweight, fast rolling and affordable lonfboard for all classes riders.

The more weight your skate or long board has, the heavier it is and the more work you have to do to push yourself down the road or uphill.Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard parts

Since this longboard excels at going downhill, you’ll want something that is heavy enough to keep you steady as you speed along yet light enough so that you don’t gain too much momentum while in motion.

Quest’s Super Cruiser seems to blend both form and function towards this goal. Since they are all made of exhaustible components, maintenance is understandably low for them.

This is why it’s lightweight design and construction are so critical towards for giving the user a very smooth and sustainable ride. You only need to push yourself along a couple of times a minute and the hollow ball bearings in the wheels and the board’s sparse design will take care of the rest. These factors assure the comfort and ease of movement. For the same reasons, Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard 44-Inch is one of the best-selling longboards.

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  1. Excellent design and natural color artisan bamboo longboard.
  2. Board for tricks and frisking too.
  3. All the features at the affordable price for a beginner.
  4. Great combination of high-quality parts.
  5. Perfect longboard for a novice.
  6. Easy to ride and control.
  7. Extremely stable at high speed on the rough surface.
  8. It can take a quick turn at high speeds.
  9. Comfortable to use on any kind of road.


  1. The bearing may need to be changed.
  2. Some users don’t get the expected speed.
  3. It could be a little bit heavier for children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Question-1: Is this traditional cruiser great for cruising, downhill or racing?

Answer: Yes. The Quest Super Cruiser is made for this kind of riding style. It is best for downhill carving.

Question-2: From which age can children start using it?

Answer: The best is above 12. However, 10 years old kids can also use it.

Question-3: How much weight can it carry?

Answer: The official weight limit is 220lbs. But many people weighing over 250 lbs are riding this board without any issues.

Question-4: Whom the longboard is suitable for – beginners or professionals?

Answer: It is suitable for both the beginners and professionals.

Question-5: Is there any possibility of wheel bite?

Answer: Because of its  traditional cruiser shape, there is no possibility of wheel bite.

Question-6: How big are the wheels and what is the durometer rating (hardness)?

Answer: The wheels are 70 mm high and 51 mm wide. Durometer or hardness is 78A.

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Final Thoughts

The Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard 44-Inch has been created to run it on every kind of street. Almost every type of rider can ride it easily. Overall its high-quality parts ensure heavy duty and long lasting capability. This is why it has been able to win the hearts of every beginner and professional. The funniest thing is, now it is being sold almost at 50% of the discount. So, if all the facilities provided by this longboard are considered, what can be a better option than this?

 Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard

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