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Longboards for Girls

Choosing the longboards for girls is a matter of being a bit tricky. At the modern time longboarding is a very popular sport for both male and female. Day by day the numbers of girl riders are increasing. Today the girls are considering the longboarding as a great fun and regular sport. In this case, most of the girls face a common problem while they try to buy the best longboard for her.

A huge number of longboards are available on the market with various sizes, quality and riding styles. Usually, the girls like the suitable one that is safe, easy to ride and stable. So, when you purchase the longboards for women, you must have to pay attention to such features of it.

Considering the Issues at Buying the Longboards for Girls

At the present market, there are lots of verities designs in longboards for female riders. In respect of girl riders, you should first focus on which riding style you like to ride with that. On the basis of the riding style, longboards have the different deck shape. Since the girls will feel comfortable with a deck that is stable mostly, the lower-deck type is one of the best choices for them. You should also think about the safe riding too. So, before purchasing a longboard for novice girl, following issues need to be considered;

  • Lower deck-like the drop through & drop down shape that offers maximum stability
  • Well-spacious (8 to 10 inches) deck for keeping the users feet easily
  • Maple deck longboard is ideal for speed riding
  • Bamboo deck is perfect for crack or rough surface
  • Aluminum truck is enough strong to tolerate riding pressure
  • Reverse kingpin truck is responsive and maneuverable while taking quick turn
  • 78A durometer rating wheel is soft and offers maximum grip & stability at riding
  • Square wheel is more stable than the round one but round one is faster than square
  • ABEC-5 and 7 rated bearing are good for smooth riding, but ABEC-9 rated bearing is best
  • Stainless steel lubricant bearings are affordable and good-quality
  • Mid-size deck that is easily controllable and carry through the crowd

Top 10  Longboards for Girls – Our Ultimate Collection

Longboards for Beginners

Important Features and Specifications

  • Traditional cruiser deck suitable for stable and fast riding
  • Hybrid deck with the ingredients of bamboo and maple
  • Well-extensive with the width of 10-inch and 44-inch long is perfect for comfortable riding
  • High quality black grip tape on the top
  • Vertically laminated 5-ply construction deck is flexible and fit for hilly surface
  • Lightweight aluminum 7 inches truck
  • Reverse kingpin truck provides smooth and fast turning capability
  • The truck has high rebound soft bushing
  • 80A rated wheels are suitable for high speed cruising and crack surface riding
  • Square shape wheel offers extra stability
  • The 70x51mm wheel made of high rebound polyurethane material
  • Stainless steel ABEC-5 bearing is good in quality
  • ABEC-5 lubricant bearing is appropriate downhill cruising
  • Riding Style: Carving, Downhill Cruising & Freeride

The Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard 44-Inch is one of the best longboards for girls. New user girl likes a stable longboard that is easy to ride and can go in under control. In this regard, this longboard is the right choice for them. This Quest Super Cruiser has the technical cruiser deck; such a longboard’s deck is appropriate for new users or the users who simply want to cruise from one place to another. Girls like such a board. Even they usually want to make any tricks or carving its ideal for her. For any city commuting, this kind of deck is perfect.

The deck components of the Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard are maple wood and bamboo. Maple is comparatively hard and strong; the bamboo deck is flexible at any hilly roadway or crack surface. This dual material has made this longboard speedy as well as flexible. So, a girl feels easy to drive this longboard. Users can keep their foot comfortably on the deck, as it is well spacious with 44 inches length and 10 inches width. You will find this longboard with 5-ply that is also a cause of flexibility and strength. The 7-inch lightweight aluminum truck of this longboard is strong and agile. The truck is enough responsive and maneuverable due to the reverse kingpin configuration and soft bushing.

Wheel of the longboards plays a vital role at longboarding on the different surface. The soft wheel offers steady riding opportunity. The Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard 44-Inch has the square shape wheels. Such kinds of wheels provide more stability at cruising. The big size of the wheel (70x51mm) helps to accelerate the speed at a short time. The ABEC-5 rated lubricant bearing will also give the smooth and fast riding taste whereas it is made of stainless steel. All these qualities have made this Quest Super Cruiser as a perfect longboard for girls.

Longboards for Beginners

Important Features and Specifications

  • Drop through deck is lower to the ground
  • Hardwood maple deck is stiff enough and ideal for fast moving
  • Deck is extensive with 41 inches length and 9.5 inches width
  • 9-ply construction deck is perfect for carrying heavy weight
  • Heavy duty black grip tape on the deck top
  • Width of the truck’s axle is 245 mm
  • Truck material is aluminum that is strong and lightweight
  • High rebound soft bushing and reverse kingpin configuration
  • Super high rebound polyurethane 70 x 51 mm wheels
  • The durometer/hardness rating of the wheel is 78A that is soft
  • Square shape wheel is perfect for increasing stability
  • Stainless steel lubricant bearing
  • ABEC-9 rated bearing is super fast and best in the market
  • Riding Style: Freestyle, Downhill Carving & Racing

When you think about the longboards for girls, you have to consider the longboard that is stable in riding. For the girl, stability is the first priority so they can ride the board in a risk-free manner. The Atom Drop-Through Longboard 41-Inch comes with good stability and maneuverability. The drop through deck has two cutouts at the both ends to deck mount; through the cutout, the trucks are attached with the deck top.

Because of this technical design, the longboard’s deck stays closer to the ground and creates a center of gravity. Such type of situation ensures maximum stability and control over the road. That’s why the girls feel easy to ride with this longboard. The deck of this board is maple made and comes with 9-ply construction. The medium flexible deck is ideal for high speed riding. So, girls who like to move fast, this longboard will be the perfect one for them. Also, they can ride comfortably due to the well spacious deck space and sticky grip tape of this atom longboard.

This Atom Drop-Through Longboard 41-Inch presents lightweight aluminum truck that is strong and fit for heavy duty. You will find the truck of this longboard with the reverse kingpin structure and reactive bushing. Reverse kingpin truck is always agile to take a quick turn at any short corner that is quite necessary for a rider, especially for the girls. The truck’s axle is with the width of 245 mm that is also sturdy enough for riding pressure tolerating.

You will get 78A durometer rating wheels of this longboard. This kind of soft wheel offers stable and smooth riding opportunity on the different surface. The shape of the wheel is the square that also increases the stability. The ABEC-9 rated super fast bearings are best in the market. The bearing is made of stainless steel. Also, it has excellent acceleration capability and longevity. Girls who love to do the freestyle, downhill carving, commuting & racing this Atom longboard will be the best choice for them.

Punked Lowrider Drop down through Longboard Complete skateboard

Important Features and Specifications

  • Deck shape is drop down through that is lower and stable to ride
  • Deck material is hardwood maple and quality grip tape on the top
  • 9-ply construction deck is strong and super speedy
  • Extensive deck with 40.75 inches length and 9.5 inches width
  • The 9.675” truck and 180 mm hanger suitable for high speed carving
  • Strong and lightweight aluminum truck with high quality bushing
  • Responsive and maneuverable reverse kingpin configuration truck
  • High rebound PU 70 x 52 mm diameter wheel
  • 78A durometer rating wheel offers smooth riding
  • Square wheel gives more stability and grip
  • Fast ABEC-7 rated bearing is suitable for downhill cruising
  • Stainless steel lubricant bearing balls with 8 mm risers
  • Riding Style: Downhill, Freeride and City Commuting

Longboards for girls should have a deck that is lower to the ground and stable in riding. The Punked Lowrider Drop down through Longboard Complete skateboard 40.75″ x 9.5″ has a drop down through deck. This drop down and drop through dual combination advance shape deck keeps the rider feet closer to the surface and provides a low center of gravity. By this situation, you can control the board easily and feel firm riding experience.

The maple-made deck is strong and hard enough, so it can absorb huge shock and 250lbs+ rider pressure. The 9-ply construction has made this longboard super-fast at riding. Girls who like more speed will be satisfied with this. Additionally, the well extensive deck and sticky grip tape of this longboard will give you the facility of keeping your feet in right position on the deck surface.

Because of this convenient, you can enjoy the tension and risk-free riding. The truck width is 9.675 mm and made of lightweight aluminum. Aluminum made truck is sturdy enough for offering heavy duty. At the same time, the reverse kingpin truck of this longboard is quite responsive and maneuverable for taking the quick turn at any short corner.

Wheel of this longboard is 78A durometer rated. This kind of wheel is soft and gives enough grips. So you can get maximum stability on the cracked surface or rough surface. Moreover, the wheel’s big size helps to accelerate the speed without losing your strength. The bearing comes with this longboard is stainless steel and ABEC-7 rated. It is fast and durable. As a drop down board, this is definitely an ideal selection for the girls.

Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout dropthrough Complete Longboard Skateboard, 9.6-Inch x 42-Inch

Important Features and Specifications

  • Drop through deck with 42 inches length and 9.6 inches width
  • Clear grip tape on the top and wheelbase 31.5-inch
  • Lightweight (7lbs) and strong bamboo material deck
  • Flexible longboard is suitable for crack or rough surface
  • Vertically laminated 5-ply bamboo construction
  • Aluminum made 10-inch gullwing chargers truck with reverse kingpin configuration
  • Wide truck provides more stability and maneuverability
  • The soft 78A rated wheel is suitable for proper grip and smooth riding
  • Square shape wheel offers extra stability at crack surface
  • The wheel diameter is 74 mm and made of high rebound polyurethane
  • PDP ABEC-5 stainless steel Bearing
  • Riding Style: Freeride, Downhill & Commuting

The Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop through Complete Longboard Skateboard 9.6-inch x 42-inch is one of the best bamboo longboards for girls. You will find it lower to the ground due to the drop through deck. Because of this lower position, you can ride this longboard with maximum stability. The most remarkable aspect of this board is its 5-ply bamboo deck. Such a deck is strong, lightweight as well as flexible. The well spacious deck also offer comfortable riding facility with the length of 42 inches and width of 9.6 inches. It is more flexible at any rocky surface due to the 5-ply construction. So, girls love to carve riding will get the extra opportunity from this flexible deck.

The truck of this Sector 9 longboard is made of strong aluminum with 10 inches length and heavy-duty offering. Because of its high rebound bushing, you will find proper responsiveness and maneuverability. By this wide truck, a quick or sharp turning is totally safe and easy for the girls. This reverse kingpin gullwing chargers truck will also help you to do freeriding and downhill carving.

The wheel of this longboard is 78A rated and made of high rebound polyurethane. Its square shape big size and softness ensure proper grip on the crack surface. At the same time, the Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout offers ABEC-5 rated stainless steel bearing. The bearing has good acceleration speed and long-lasting capability. If you are a girl and don’t have the smooth surface for riding then I will suggest you buy this. Because Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout is the best selection for such kind of riding longboards for new female riders.

sector 9 bamboo longboard

Important Features and Specifications

  • CNC Drop through mounted 33.5 inches long and 8.75 inches wide
  • Vertically laminated 5-ply bamboo material deck
  • Wheel base 23.25-inch and clear grip tape on the top
  • Lightweight and mid-size longboard easy to carry
  • Gullwing sidewinder double kingpin 9 inches truck
  • Reverse kingpin truck is agile and responsive
  • 69mm offset top shelf wheels
  • Hardness of the Wheel is 78A
  • Grease ball PDP ABEC-5 rated bearing
  • Bearing material is stainless steel
  • Riding Style: Downhill Carving, Commuting & Freestyle.

The Sector 9 Shoots Complete Skateboards 33.5-inch has some excellent features those are really suitable for girls. This Sector 9 longboard has flexible drop through mount deck. Due to the bamboo material, it is flexible and can roll over different kinds of unusual surface. This mid-size deck with 33.5 inches length and 8.75 inches width is very lightweight and durable due to the 5-ply bamboo construction. The deck also extreme weather protected and crack resist.

The most important part of this longboard is its gullwing sidewinder 9 inches double kingpin truck. Such types of trucks are very strong and user-friendly. It can absorb shocks and huge pressure of the fast carving or turn. When you need to take a quick or sharp turn at any short corner, the II reverse kingpin truck will provide you smooth and safe turning capability. Also, the truck and its soft bushing are quite responsive and maneuverable.

The Sector 9 Shoots Complete Skateboards 33.5-inch comes with offset top shelf 69mm wheels and its hardness is 78A. The 78A rated wheels are soft and stable on riding. You can move non-stop riding on the cracked or rough surface by this kind of wheels. The bearing of this longboard is ABEC-5 rated and made of stainless steel. It is medium quality bearing well for cruising, carving and commuting. I also suggest it as the best midsize longboard for girls.

best longboards

Important Features and Specifications

  • Drop down deck closer to the surface with 9-inch width by 41.25 inches length
  • The 9-ply Canadian maple made deck is strong enough for carrying 250lbs rider
  • Whole longboard weight is 7.5lbs to 9lbs and Black Widow Premium Grade 80A black grip tape on the deck top
  • Lightweight and strong aluminum made truck with 180 mm hanger
  • This reverse kingpin truck has responsive high quality bushing
  • High rebound 78A rated soft wheel suitable for crack surface
  • Round shape 70 x 52 diameter wheels are ideal for increasing the speed
  • Stainless steel ABEC-7 chrome bearing is smooth, so fast and durable
  • 22 different colors longboards
  • Riding Style: Downhill cruising, City Commuting or Carving

When you want to buy the drop down longboards for girls the Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard is the right choice. Because it has 9 inches wide and 41.25 inches highly stable high concave shape drop down deck. Also, it creates a low center of gravity. Low center of gravity maximizes the stability and maneuverability of the longboard. It is spacious and comfortable for keeping the feet. Moreover, its Black Widow Premium Grade 80A black grip tape will keep your feet in right position. The 9 plies Canadian maple made is very strong and lightweight. Also, the board is crack resist and environment protected.

The truck of this longboard is made of strong aluminum. The reverse kingpin truck has 180mm hanger. The high rebound bushing makes the truck agile on different kind of surfaces. This Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard offers 78A rated PU wheels. The round shape 70 x 52 mm wheels are also fast going and stable. This drop down longboard has high-speed ABEC-7 lubricant bearing. The bearing is made of stainless steel and does not become hot very soon. It makes it long lasting and smooth one. All these features make this Yocaher longboard perfect for commuting, downhill cruising or carving.

Krown Pintail longboard

Important Features and Specifications

  • Pintail shape deck and it has well quality black grip tape on the top surface
  • Canadian hardwood maple deck 43 inches length and 9 inches wide
  • The truck material is aluminum with silver overlay
  • Standard kingpin 6 inches truck for compact construction
  • Polyurethane wheels with 65 mm diameter
  • The 78A durometer rating wheel is soft and suitable for stable riding
  • Wheel contact path is round and appropriate for fast spinning
  • Stainless steel fast ABEC-7 bearing
  • Riding Style: Downhill Carving, Freeride & City Cruising

The Krown Maple 9″ x 43″ Pintail Longboard Skateboard is one of the superior longboards for girls. Most of the features of this longboard will be able to fulfill the demands of the girl’s riding. The big size deck is ideal for stability and pintail shape provides maximum maneuverability. Such technical structure is a perfect design for downhill carving and city cruising. Also, the vertically laminated Canadian maple made deck as strong as well as weather protected. The board easily can carry 200lbs+ rider. The well extensive deck and sticky grip tape are comfortable for risk-free and stable riding.

The Krown Maple 9-inch x 43-inch Pintail Longboard offers 6-inch lightweight aluminum truck. It has the silver overlay that is strong and stain free as well as long lasting. The truck is standard kingpin configuration and also responsive for cruising and carving.

The wheel material is high rebound polyurethane and comes with the 65mm diameter. The 78A durometer rated wheel is soft and suitable for riding on any uneven roadway. Besides, the round shape of the wheel helps to accelerate the speed at a short time.

A good-quality bearing will give you the smoothness and high speed on different kinds of surface. This Krown longboard has the ABEC-7 bearing that is sufficient for high speed riding opportunity. The lubricant bearing balls are durable due to the stainless steel. Overall it is a perfect pintail longboard for starter girls.

Krown Pintail longboard

Important Features and Specifications

  • Drop-through deck with 40 inches length and 10 inched wide and super speedy
  • The 9-ply hardwood maple made deck is strong and shock absorbance
  • The deck lower to the surface with Rasta Stripe black grip tape on the surface
  • Wheelbase 31 inches and 7 lbs weight
  • 180 mm hanger with reverse kingpin configuration truck
  • High-quality bushing makes it responsive and maneuverable
  • The 78A durometer and high rebound PU wheel is soft and perfect for appropriate grip
  • Square shape 75mm large wheel gives guarantee of more speed and stability
  • Smooth and super fast ABEC-9 bearing
  • Made of stainless steel and best quality in market
  • Riding Style: Downhill Carving, Freeriding, City Cruising & Speed Boarding

Purchasing the longboards for female riders is a matter of considering some special features those are in favor of their riding style. Usually, the girls like the cruising or city tour by a longboard. The Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck Complete 40″ x 10″ is perfect for the girls at different riding style. Since it has the drop through deck, it is close to the ground and offers maximum stability at riding. The 9 plies hardwood maple made the deck of this longboard is strong and shock absorbance. The spacious deck and Rasta Stripe black grip tape offer you comfortable standing opportunity.

The aluminum truck of this longboard has 180 mm hanger and high-quality shock absorbing bushing. The wide truck gives extra stability and the reverse kingpin formation is ideal for downhill carving, speed boarding or cruising. The 78A durometer soft wheel is made of polyurethane and perfect for crack or uneven surface. When we ride the longboard, sometimes we may face to the uneven ground. At the same time, the 75mm square shape wheel will give you proper grip to roll over the surface without losing your speed and make sure maximum stability. This longboard has the best quality ABEC-9 super fast bearing. Profession riders use such kinds of bearings for speed boarding or high-speed downhill sliding. The stainless steel material has made the bearing long lasting.

Landyachtz Switchblade 40" Complete Longboard 2016 Graphic

Important Features and Specifications

  • High concave drop down deck 10 inches width and 40 inches length
  • The 8 plies maple made deck is strong enough to carry 250lbs rider
  • Premium quality black grip tape on the top
  • Weight 8lbs and wheelbase 31.5 inches
  • (2016 Satin Blue) 180 Paris V2 180mm X 50° reverse kingpin trucks
  • High quality bushing helps to make the wheels responsive
  • Divine 72mm and square shape polyurethane wheels ensure maximum smoothness
  • Hardness 78A street slayer white wheels perfect for different surface
  • Bones Mini Logo Bearings (Skate Rated)
  • Riding Style: Downhill Cruising, Carving & Freeride

The Landyachtz Switchblade 40-inch Complete Longboard 2016 Graphic is a great downhill cruising, carving & freeride longboard for the novice to pro female riders’. This Switchblade 2016 longboard is one of the best riding instruments among the Landyachtz board available on the market. The 8 plies maple made 40 inches length and 10 inches width deck is crack resist and weather protected. Its symmetrical high concave drop down deck makes it very stable and easy to ride longboard for the girls. Due to this technical shape, the deck is lower to the surface and creates a low center of gravity. This is why; you can ride it with maximum stability.

This Paris V2 X 50° reverse kingpin truck has a redesign 180mm hanger and it is stronger than the first one. Its 50° turning capacity, responsive bushing, and wide hanger ensure fast and safe carving, cruising at the downhill or freeriding style. Girls will find this longboard responsive and maneuverable when they need quick turning through the narrow corner. The material of the wheel of this longboard is polyurethane with 72 mm in diameter. The 78A durometer wheel of this longboard can roll out on the crack surface with its maximum speed. Such a soft grip wheel is appropriate for stable riding. Moreover, the bone’s mini logo bearing offers a smooth and super fast riding capability.

Landyachtz Switch 40" Longboard Complete Skateboard

Important Features and Specifications

  • Symmetrical Drop down design 10-inch width and 40-inch length longboard
  • Vertically laminated Canadian hardwood maple made deck
  • Wheelbase 32 inches, weight 9 lbs and black grip tape on the top
  • Comparatively, hard wheel with 82A durometer rating offers more speed at riding
  • Wheel material is polyurethane that is strong and durable
  • 70 mm diameter wheel ideal for fast rotating
  • Stable and smooth riding with square size wheel
  • Stainless steel bearing is durable and long lasting
  • Riding Style: Freeride, Downhill, and Cruising

Now a day’s Landyachtz has become one of the best brands in the longboard market. The Landyachtz Switch 40 inches Longboard Complete Skateboard presents a symmetrical drop down design Canadian maple made deck. This lower deck longboard is appropriate for almost all types of riding style. You will especially enjoy the freeride, downhill and cruising by this longboard. This Canadian hardwood maple made board is strong enough for absorbing any unusual shock at riding. The deck of this board is 40 inches long and 10 inches wide. So, girls will enjoy the riding due to the spacious deck of this board. Additionally, this Landyachtz longboard has multi-layer and specially produced with 9-layer maple and with 2-layer fiberglass. The maple and fiberglass material have made this longboard strong enough and suitable for high-speed riding.

You will find this Switch with the reverse kingpin truck. Such a truck is appropriate for taking the quick turn in any short corner of the roadway. Girl riders will enjoy the responsiveness and maneuverability on the way of riding and taking the turn as well as feel happy with the stability and smoothness. The speed of the longboard mostly depends on the wheel. You will find here the 82A durometer rated wheel. Though this type of wheel is comparatively hard, you will be able to go fast. Gils who like to speed riding, this type of wheel will fulfill their demand. The polyurethane material wheel is strong and durable enough for hard use, whereas the square size offers extra stability at riding. Additionally, the bearing comes with this longboard is stainless steel that is durable and long lasting.

Final Verdict

When you consider the stable riding longboard that is suitable for girls, you need to pay attention on the low deck along with a responsive truck. The soft square wheel of the longboard also provides additional stability and safety for the girls. In this respect, the longboards referred above are best in quality and able to fulfill the demands of the female riders. After reading the full review article, I think it would be very easy to anyone to choose the ideal longboards for girls. Hope all my best collection will help you to choose a best one.

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