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How to Choose the Best Longboard Helmet

The longboarding needs various types of safety gear. Among those the helmet is an essential safety gear to protect the riders from any unusual head injury. As the longboarding is an extreme sport, you must need to wear a helmet at the time of fast riding or making tricks. Most of such riding may cause of huge injury when you fall from a longboard. The head injury is sometimes the cause of death. So, you have to take a precaution with wearing an appropriate helmet that can save you from any unexpected accident.

Choosing the best longboard helmet is an important issue. You must have to consider some critical aspects at the time of purchasing a longboard helmet. According to my experience and analytical research, I will suggest you follow these instructions before you purchase one.

Helmet Size

Best Longboard Helmet

The appropriate size of the longboard helmet will provide you the maximum comfort at the time of longboarding. It is also the precondition of your safety. If the helmet is not properly fit for you or in a loose condition of your head, it cannot save you from any unusual injury from the longboarding. In this regard, before purchasing the best longboard helmet check its size based on your head.

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Best Longboard Helmet

The certification is the accrediting of the best longboard helmet here. There are two specific government agencies for testing and checking the helmet. They are the Department of Transit and Snell Memorial Foundation. These agencies set the standard of the helmet. So a certified helmet by these agencies will ensure the fitness of the helmet than the non-certified one.

Construction Materials

Best Longboard Helmet

The proper construction materials are important for heavy service. The helmet should be made of lightweight material and use of foam and foam like material that will provide the maximum comfort at riding. The interior and exterior material must have to be with full of quality for ensuring the hundred percent protection.

The best longboard helmet is made from carbon fiber, fiberglass composite, Kevlar or ABS plastic. The strong and lightweight material will protect the skull efficiently at the time of any unusual accident. It should also have the proper ventilation so that the air circulation can happen easily and without sweating in a harsh weather.

Consider the Fitting

Best Longboard Fitting

When you think about the complete safety at longboard riding, you have to consider the fitting of various parts and materials of the longboard helmet. The proper fitting of the inner foam, outer surface, strap and the push button for the opening of the strap will provide you the maximum comfort and safety when you ride the longboard.

Measuring the Helpmate Weight

Best Longboard

The helmet of the longboard should be lightweight. A lightweight helmet is more comfortable than a heavy one. If the helmet is heavy, the chance of the injury is more as it can heat easily the head when to take place any accident.

Look the Shape

The longboard helmet must be properly shaped. Usually, the round shape helmets are appropriate for wearing suitably. Sometimes, any other fancy shape may cause the neck injury.

The Open face Longboard Helmet



Most of the open face longboard helmets are made of Kevlar or carbon fiber ABS plastic and fiberglass composite. Such materials protect your head efficiently. Usually, for general cruising, commuting from home to classes or malls, you can wear the open face longboard helmet that protects the both sides and back of the head accurately.

It offers enough to cover the head parts and keeps you safe and secured in any unusual situation. The inside of the open face helmet has the soft foam interior protective liner and the cushions that prevent the impact of unusual force. So, when you are on the light traveling, the open face longboard helmet is sufficient for keeping safe you all the way of longboard riding.

The Full-Face Longboard Helmet

Best Longboard

In most of the cases, the full face longboard helmet is produced by the fiberglass composite, carbon fiber or hard plastic. These materials are proven to protect you effectively as they are all full of quality and lightweight products. When you like to take an additional measure for safety, you should use the full face longboard helmet. It is mostly necessary if you go for downhill riding or a downhill race by your longboard.

At the time of making tricks and fun, you should use the full face longboard helmet too. For such special events, the extra protection is pre-requisites; you must have to maintain it for getting the absolute safety at longboard riding. The full face longboard helmet with the exterior hard shell covers the maximum parts of the head that are really a secured arrangement for longboarding safely.

Customers Review

Customers Review of Best Longboards

Go through the customer review is getting the practical experience of the users of the longboard helmet, and that is an essential practice. The real users express their experiences by writing the review about the product. So, you can easily know the pros and cons of a certain product. That’s why you should read the customer reviews regarding the longboard helmet so that you can choose the right one for you. Following the customer reviews the various internal and external aspects of the helmet that the real users faced before.

After Purchasing a Best longboard Helmet You should follow the Steps Below.

Adjustment you’re Strap Accurately

Adjustment you’re Strap Accurately

The proper strap adjustment of the longboard helmet is essential for safety and freely riding. It should not be more long or short. Also, it should not be looser or tighter. Check the push button of the strap should also be effective and properly working. So, the strap adjustment must be accurate.

Make a Pre-Test

Before go to extreme riding make sure that your best longboard helmet is working properly. You can test it in a short range beside your backyard. Such kind of testing will help to make a good adjustment and finding any unusual defects of your longboard helmet.

Best Composition

The materials of the longboard helmet should keep in the appropriate composition. The inner portion should be soft and properly shaped, and the exterior of the helmet must be hard and sturdy enough so that outer pressure cannot harm the head part. If the inner materials are replaceable and washable that will be fine.

Final Verdict

Therefore, choosing the best longboard helmet is a matter of considering some important and technical issues related to its construction. You should consciously select the various parts and materials of the helmet by which it is produced. You have to pay attention to the interior and exterior materials of the helmet first, and then the construction and proper fitting of the materials. Your riding pattern will demand two different types of the helmet; the open face helmet or the full-face helmet. You will choose the right one that best fit with your riding style whatever it is downhill riding or usual cruising. A thorough reviewing of the helmet is quite essential for ensuring the safety measures.

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