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How to Choose the Best Electric Longboard

Electric Longboard

The electric longboard is the upgraded version of the normal longboard. Choosing the right one is a tricky job as you need to review the various parts of the electric longboard cautiously. First of all, you have to decide that for what purpose you will use the board; is it for usual cruising and traveling or for tricks and fun making.

The riding surface is also important in this respect. If you ride on the plain surface, you need a less powerful board and for a hilly area, the battery of the board should be more powerful. So, for selecting the appropriate electric longboard, riders have to be knowledgeable about different aspects of it. Let me show you How to Choose the Best Electric Longboard.

Considering the Major Electric Parts of an Electric Longboard

There are some main electric components in the electric longboard. You have to pay proper attention to the battery, motor, remote control, charger, etc. for ensuring that you are purchasing the appropriate one along with all necessary parts and equipment.

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Batteries Cells and Its Backup Range

Batteries Cells and Its Backup Range

The most vital part of the electric longboard is its battery. The weight and riding distance of the electric longboard mostly depends on its battery. Before lithium-ion battery, it was so vast and cumbersome. It was around 40 to 60 pound. Gradually, at present, the battery structure has become a revolutionary development.

In the recent years, the top quality longboard manufacturers have been using the lithium ion batteries, and the weight of the longboard has changed dramatically. This lightweight battery of the electric board now is providing more speed and power to your riding task. So, when you try to buy an electric longboard, you have to pay attention on the battery first.

If you just need a board for cruising or carving around your campus or home, then the back of the battery is not a major issue. But if you are willing to go a long distance riding or traveling then you must choose an extended backup battery longboard.

Motors and Its Watt

Electric Longboard

The second important part of the electric longboard is its motor. There is a wide-ranging watt of motors available on the market. Currently, most of the motors’ watt range is 400-2000. When you ride on a plain surface for commuting or traveling, the 400-watt motor is enough, but for the hilly areas or the uneven surface or funny high-speed rolling, you may need up to 2000 watt motor. In this case, choose a best one according to your riding surface and required speed.

At present, an electric longboard comes with single motors or dual motors. A single motor is ideal for medium speed and long time backup. Beside a double motor electric longboard will give you speed boarding experience, but your battery backup will be shorter than single. Single motor longboard is suitable for regular commuting and easy to carry but dual motors electric board is heavy and appropriate for mountain road or unusual surface or high speed rolling.

Controls or Controllers

Electric Longboard Remote Control

The control or a controller of the electric longboard is essential for better maneuverability and safety riding. Most of the time, you will get a wireless controller with the electric longboard. It could be your smartphone or a remote controller. A good driver has some extraordinary features like indicators of battery backup, Wi-Fi remote control connection, mobile apps controlled, auto turn off, forward as well as reverse modes, security alerts, etc.

It is good if the controller has the light indicator for signaling that make you update the board position. You can know the charging status of the battery of the longboard by the use hand controller.

But, the controller’s battery charge will not be indicated when you are on riding position. So, when you charge your longboard battery, load the driver as well. It is excellent if you can also use the mobile apps for controlling the electric longboard while riding.

The Charger

Electric Longboard The Charger

The charge of the battery of the electric longboard is an essential accessory. Every electric longboard has its charger. To our knowledge, you will not find any third party charger for charging the battery. Some chargers take less than one hour to charge the battery, but some other take 2 to 3 hours. If you want a frequently using electric longboard, you need to purchase a board that takes less time to recharge the battery so that you can enjoy a hassle free riding time.

Considering the Primary Hardware Parts

The Deck

Electric Longboard Deck

The deck of the electric longboard is a very important hardware part. The truck and battery are directly attached to the longboard deck. In most of the cases, the electric longboard’s deck is made of maple wood and carbon fiber. Some rigid Carbon-Fiber composite and bamboo made decks are also available. Whatever the deck material is, you must have to pay attention to the flexibility of the deck so that can drive the longboard comfortably. Also, it should be spacious for proper standing and balance. The grip tape should be sticky for keeping your feet in right position.

The TruckElectric Longboard Truck

The trucks are made of sturdy aluminum and with consist of axle and hanger. The electric longboard trucks are different than ordinary trucks. Check that the trucks are flexible and responsive for proper turning and maneuverability.

The Wheel

Electric Longboard Wheel

The wheel comes with the best longboard is made of high rebound polyurethane. They may be soft or comparatively hard. Some longboard wheel comes with durometer 78A that is soft and suitable for proper grip and riding on the uneven surface. On the other hand, some wheels are 80A-85A durometer rated those are hard and fast running wheels, but for such types of wheels, the plain surface is a must. However, you should have to consider that the soft and bigger size wheels are ideal for an electric longboard.

The Bearing

Baring Final New

The bearing is a necessary hardware for fast and smooth riding. Most of the electric longboard bearing is made of stainless steel. Sometimes the ceramic bearing is also available. The ABEC rating measures the quality of the wheel. If the ABEC rating is high, the bearing is better in quality. The rating scale is ABEC-3,5,7,9, 11. The ceramic bearing is better than stainless steel. Choose a best electric longboard that has ABEC-9 or ABEC-11 rated bearing.

Others Important Aspects

Riding Range

Considering riding range is the most important aspect when you purchase the best electric longboard. Your using purpose may be the long distance commuting or just fun making. Whatever the purpose is you need a certain range from the longboard. The range of an electric longboard depends on its battery backup. The lithium ion battery provides best backup service than others.

Electric Longboard

The average range of an electric longboard is 10 kilometer. That means you can go 10 km on a single charge. The 7 to 12 km range longboards are ideal for commuting or cruising around your home. You can use it for short distance riding or regular commuting like going campus, shopping mall, making fun, etc.

But if you want a long range electric longboard then you have to find the best one. Nowadays the revolutionary development of lithium ion battery has made it possible to go 18-22 miles on a single charge which is double than average range and pretty legit for long distance riding trip. You will find such type of longboard with a range of price $600 to $1000. I will suggest you to go $1000+ because such kind of longboard will provide you best service. Also, the battery will give you full performance for a long time.

Weight Range

The longboard weight is a factor at ridBest Longboarding. If the board is lightweight, it is easy to carry. The matter of happiness is that most of the manufacturers have been producing lightweight electric longboard with upgraded lightweight battery. There is a broad range of weighting electric longboard at the market.

First, you have to think how frequently and how much distance you have to carry it. If you think, you need to carry it regular basis in a longer distance then you have to buy a lightweight longboard. A lightweight electric longboard will always give you more advantages. So, you have to be conscious of the weight of the board at purchasing one for your regular use. The average weight range is 12 to 16 lbs.



Expensing the money for purchasing the best electric longboard is totally depends on upon you. Currently, the price range of an electric longboard is $ 400-$2000. The average range is $800 for a high-quality electric longboard. So, select one that serves your purpose and of course thinks of the amount you would like to expense. For an electric longboard with long lasting battery and long distance riding will cost more, but that will provide you an extraordinary enjoyment at the everyday ride. Never buy a cheap electric longboard; it will not only west your money but also will increase your problem and repair cost.

Warranty and Supports

No one can’t predict about an electric device. In this case, the warranty is the most desirable aspect in respect of purchasing a longboard. Most of the electric longboard manufacturing company offers the 6 months repairing or servicing support warranty on the defective parts of the longboard. Some of them offer 1-month replacement warranty.

In this case, you should seriously examine the description of the warranty terms and conditions and the supports that will be provided by the manufacturing company. Also, you should carefully review which supports are moved and which are not with the warranty service.

So, when you buy an electric board, take a deep attention to the warranty service because you would not like to keep your longboard unused.

Considering Purpose of the Electric Longboard

Electric Longboard for Downhill Riding

downhill longboarding

When you ride an electric longboard for downhill riding, you have to pay attention to the deck construction of the electric longboard. Electric Longboard available made of maple, fiber, and bamboo. The carbon fiber and maple made deck is perfect for high-speed downhill riding as it is moderately flexible enough that provide more stability and comfort.

For the downhill riding dual motor is better than the single motor electric longboard. 1000 to 1500 watt motor is good for such riding, but 2000 watt motor is best. Choose a soft wheel that will provide you a good grip on the hilly surface.

Electric Longboard for Commuting

How to Choose a Cheap Longboard

You can comfortably communicate between the home and classes or home and malls by the electric longboard. Usually, this type of riding happens in a short distance and may be repeated, and the plain surface is necessary for such commuting.

So, the electric longboard may have the deck of maple or bamboo or the material of fiberglass; the wheel should be the fast running. The most important aspect is that the motor power should be within 400 to 1000 watt as it will run on the plain surface. Also, you must need a better controller for safe riding through the town.

Electric Longboard for Travelling or Cruising

Electric Longboard

The traveling or cruising may be a long-distance journey by a longboard. In this respect, the backup battery range should be active like 10 to 20 miles per charge. For long distance traveling, you need the battery power more than usual so that you can complete the travel with a single recharge. Think once while your battery backup would be stopped in the middle of the journey. That would be horrible situation for anyone.

For cruising, you should choose responsive wheel and truck because you may face the uneven surface on the roadway. So, for fast going on such a surface, the 78A rated wheel is perfect for cruising by the electric longboard.

Electric Longboard for Carving

Electric Longboard

Carving is a kind of trick on the way to the longboard riding. The flexible deck of the electric longboard is comparatively better for carving. Most importantly the truck plays a vital role in respect of carving. So the responsive trucks are ideal in this regard. The wheel of the board should be soft gripped and great rebounding so that you can comfortably do the task of carving or jumping.

Considering Riding Surface

Crack or Rough Surface

Electric Longboard

Usually, the crack surface is not so preferable for the electric longboard. When you go through the rough surface by an electric longboard, the battery consumption will be increased. Son, the battery power should be at the highest position. The 78A rated soft wheel will be appropriate for running on the rough surface so that you can get the opportunity of stable riding.

Plain Surface

When you ride the electric longboard on the plain surface, the battery consumption is decreased. So, 400 to 1000 watt single motor is sufficient for riding on such street. The wheel with 80A rated is also fit for the plain surface and speed riding.


The downhill riding truck is the easiest and difficult riding track for longboarding. A deck of the electric longboard should be the spacious one for downhill riding for getting stability. The battery should be the strong one as you have to be ups and downs in such riding style, and the battery consumption will be more than the general cruising. Most of all you need to buy double motors longboard for highest power.

Final verdict

An electric longboard is not an ordinary longboard; it’s a board like magical hovercraft. Therefore, you have to consider some important aspects at the time of choosing the best electric longboard. This task will be a bit different from the work of selecting a traditional one. Most importantly, you have to pay attention to the battery of your best electric skateboard along with other parts like motors, controller, weight, warranty, etc. Usual traveling and cruising need the fewer watts than the high-speed riding style or long distance traveling. Finally, just follow and remember my above instruction you will find your desire one.


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