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How to Choose a Cheap Longboard

The longboards are available at various prices on the market. The quality of the longboard mostly depends on the money you expenses for purchasing of it. It is natural that when you pay more, you will get comparatively better performance from a longboard. The low-cost apparatus will provide limited convenience. However, more or less the longboard with high price or low delivers the opportunity of riding anyway. Choosing a cheap longboard is a matter of your own understanding and getting the desired service from this riding tool. When you are a bit critical and reviewing deeply at buying one, you will be able to choose a cheap longboard with the maximum work worthiness.

Fix Your Budget


Allocating the money for buying a longboard is a factor. You will only get the perfect longboard you are searching for when you fix the amount and buy accordingly. Whatever you are looking for a cheap longboard, you are also expecting the service for your purpose. So, fix the budget first to ease the buying decision of a longboard.

Consider Your Experience Level

Evaluate yourself first that what is the scale of experience of you in longboarding. Riders with various scales of experience require a different type of longboards. If you are a newbie, you should choose the longboards for beginners like specious drop through or drop down deck, wide truck, and wheel with the moderate speed of the bearing.

As a mid-level rider, you can choose the longboard with strong maple or bamboo wood deck, wheels with a good quality bearing that moves fast. Finally, if you have the highest level of experience with longboarding, you can choose the board with extremely strong deck and fast responsive truck with super fast rolling bigger wheel and lubricant bearing. In this case, wheels should be made of high rebound polyurethane and bearings should be highest quality ABEC-9 or ABEC-11, made of stainless steel or ceramic.

One more thing, if you are an expert rider, I will never suggest you to buy a cheap longboard. Always buy the best quality longboard by your highest budget.

Choosing a Quality Brand

Best Longboard Helmet

At the present time, there is lots of longboard manufacturing brand in the market. Some of them are good and some of them are bad. Choosing the best one is difficult for a newbie. Let me handle this. Among the various brands, the Sector 9, Landyachtz, Atom, Quest, Yocaher, Krown are prime. Hope, you will find the right one within your cheap budget from these wide varieties of longboard brand.

Determine Your Riding Style

The riding style is an important issue while choosing a cheap longboard. The usual riding styles are downhill riding, freeride, freestyle riding, carving or cruising, commuting and sliding. The different riding style needs the distinct shape of a longboard. They are varied in respect of deck, truck, wheel, and bearing. So, you have to be a bit tricky at buying one for your own riding style.

Downhill Riding

downhill longboarding

When you love the downhill riding style but have a smaller budget then focus on following issues. If you are a beginner or intermediate rider and searching for the Best Longboards for Beginners then you can choose 5 to 7 plies maple made drop through, top-mount or pintail longboard that would be within your budget line and cheap in price. Such a deck remains lower to the surface and provides a center of gravity with maximum stability. You may get some cheap longboard with the length of 37 inches to 43 inches that are ideal for downhill riding. Also, try aluminum made 50 degrees RKP truck, 65 to 71 mm PU wheel and ABEC-5 to 7 bearing ideal for your cheap budget.

Freeride Longboard

The freeride is one of the most popular longboarding styles that are all about power sliding. It is attacking a downhill running that includes the glove slides, standing slides, long slides, and speed checks. You can choose a cheap maple longboard that has a concave shape so that the feet are locked on the deck. You can prefer a longboard with the length from 38 inches to 42 inches. You should select responsive wide truck and wheel. The bearing does not matter for free riding. The most important your deck must be spacious for better balance.

Freestyle Riding

Freestyle Riding

A cheap longboard for freestyle riding may be your demand. You have to know that the dancing is the most popular way of freestyle longboarding. Riders do the flip tricks, shuvits, manuals, grabs and board dancing. For doing such enactments, you need a particularly designed longboard. The freestyle longboard riding usually demands the lightweight construction, concave shaped deck and shorter wheelbase.

Riders can also do the cross steps, kickflip and the tiger claws style of riding by a freestyle longboard. So, when you choose a cheap freestyle riding longboard, you have to think about these aspects. Hope within the reasonable price, you will get a perfect freestyle longboard.

Cruising or Carving

Cruising or Carving

The cruising or carving style of riding demands the longboard with flex drop through deck, traditional cruiser shape deck, and the commuter style. As you are on low budget, you can choose a bamboo deck with 4 to 5 plies, the truck should be with the reverse kingpin. The medium-shape traditional cruising deck will not be so expensive in most cases. The longboard deck for commuting within the short distance will also be available within your best budget price. If you want more speed in cruising or carving you can choose the wheel those are 80A durometer rated.

Commuting or Sliding


The commuting and sliding demand the same kind of longboard those are not so expensive. Commuting is a journey between home and classes or home and malls or burger party joint. If you want to buy a longboard for commuting and sliding, you have to choose a flexible deck and responsive truck. In this regard, the five to seven plies deck, and reverse kingpin truck is ideal. Within a budget price, you will get this kind of material with the commuting and sliding  longboard.

Check Construction Material

The materials used for manufacturing the longboard are an important issue. Though you are looking for a longboard at the cheap price, parts and materials used in the longboard must have to be perfect for serving the purpose accordingly. Within the minimum price, you can search for a deck that is made of bamboo or the maple with flexibility in riding. In this regard, the 5 to 7 plies deck will be ideal for you. You will get some brand in longboard have the reverse kingpin for responsiveness and maneuverability. The truck should be made of aluminum for maximum strength.

The wheel of the longboard should be the good-quality, and the polyurethane wheel will be the right choice in this regard. If you get the soft wheel with 78A durometer rating that will be fine. Such kind of wheel helps to ride on the uneven surface. The stainless steel bearing is best for the low budget available on the market.

Follow the Customer Review


Analyzing the customer reviews is an important task before purchasing a longboard. For the customer reviews, you will find the real experience with any longboard riding. By such an analyzing, you can get the inexpensive longboards those are perfectly serving according to your riding purpose. In this regard, run through the customer reviews on a certain brand or riding style will be helpful at choosing the right one for you.

Final Verdict

There are lots of cheap longboards available on the market. These low-cost longboards are also serving the absolute riding purpose of the users. You have to be a bit tricky at choosing one. You have to keenly examine the various parts and materials of the longboard before purchasing. If you follow this instruction, I hope you will find the best one within your budget range.

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