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EIGHTBIT 41-Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard Review

EIGHTBIT 41-Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard

Editor Rating4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)
Riding StyleDownhill Cruising, Commuting & Carving
Fully assembledYes
Whole Longboard (Width x Length)9.75”x 41.25”
Whole Longboard Height (Surface to Top)4.5"
Whole Longboard Weight7.7 lbs
Deck Type
Drop Down
Deck MaterialsMaple
Deck Length 41.25"
Deck Width 9.75"
Number of Ply8 Plies
Truck Hanger180 mm
Truck MaterialAluminum Alloy
King PinReverse King Pin
Wheel Durometer Rating 80A (Probably)
Wheel ShapeSquare
Wheel MaterialPolyurethane
Wheel Diameter72 x 52 mm (Probably)
Bearing ABEC Rating ABEC-7
Bearing MaterialStainless Stell

The EIGHTBIT 41-Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard is a cruiser of stable and durable one. You will get it with better control and an easy push off manner. The exceptional features have made it outstanding one among many other available in the market. Due to its innovative characteristics, this EIGHTBIT  longboard has been leading the market today. Most of the users found this stuff fairly right for regular commuting with lots of fun.

Drop-Down Deck Provides More Control and Stability

The EIGHTBIT 41-Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard provides more control and stability at the time of riding. Keeping control on a longboard is an essential aspect when you ride through the pavement by it. Because of drop down deck, its stays closer to the ground. This condition creates a low center of gravity and increases your stability and maneuverability. Stability also gives you an extra relaxing mood and maneuverability increases more control on the longboard. Additionally, this 9.75-inches wide deck gives you enough places to keep your feet properly and protects you from wobbling while going downhill or bombing riding. EIGHTBIT 41-Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard

Another most trustworthy part of this board is about 72 mm wheel. Because of this wide wheel you will be able to make a total control over the riding equipment at harsh unusual situation. At the same time you will also be able to get more speed and stability so that you can ride and move with a pressure free moment. Both the controlling aspect and the stability are for its drop-down deck structure.

Great for Cruising, Commuting and Carving

Another remarkable feature of the EIGHTBIT 41-Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard is that it is great for the cruising and commuting. Most of the young and enthusiastic users of the longboard are glade with cruising and carving through the town by the amusing longboard and this is the kind of product for them. The ABEC-7 bearing accelerates the power of wheel. It is very essential and helpful for cruising and commuting.

Cheerful riders want to make the apparatus a personal fun on a regular basis. Carving is one of them. Carving on a habitual routine is a usual pleasing job for the passionate users. Comfortable and safe carving depends on a truck quality and setting. The 180 mm lightweight reverse king pin truck and its setting with the dick is very suitable for regular carving.

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Benefits of EIGHTBIT 41-Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard 

Maple Laminated Deck: Deck is the most vital part of a longboard. Durability and strength of a longboard is mostly depends on its deck construction. It has 9.75-inches wide and 41.25-inches long drop down deck. The deck is made of fully maple laminated 8 stage of ply that made the board robust and long-lasting.  If you want to make a downhill cruising or racing the hard wood maple deck is perfect for you. This technical design has made the apparatus a unique one.

EIGHTBIT 41-Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard Truck

Aluminum Alloy Trucks: Trucks of the longboard make a perfect bonding along with the deck and wheels of it. It should be enough strong to absorb the whole weight of the rider.  Electrostatic-coated 180 mm aluminum alloy trucks of the EIGHTBIT 41-Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard allows it to delivers heavy duty. Due to its aluminum alloy, the trucks are solid and durable and light weight. This wide truck provides more maneuvering and stability. Such a kind of truck is very helpful for carving and taking a quick or sharp turn into the short corner.

EIGHTBIT 41-Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard Wheel

High-Quality Wheel: The moving pace of a longboard is typically depends upon the superiority of the wheels. As the wheel big enough, you will get the maximum and constant moving trend. Here the wheels are wide and strong enough to give more grips through the rocky pavement or uneven path. Also, this 80A hardness high-quality wheel has made the EIGHTBIT 41-Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard a fastest one.

Extreme Abec-7 Bearings: The speed of a longboard mostly depends on the quality of its bearing. In this regard, the bearing used in the EIGHTBIT 41-Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard has fabulous quality. This bearing gets the ABEC rating 7 means the quality is excellent for speed and durable too. It is able to tolerate heavyweight and can rotate fast.

Griptape:  The grip tape is the essential portion of a longboard that also have in the Eightbit drop down longboard. On the top of the deck, it has a black grip tape. It will help you to keep your feet in the right position. It is good enough and long lasting.

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Strength: The quality of a longboard depends on the parts used in it. In this respect, the 8 ply maple deck, aluminum alloy strong truck and 80A polyurethane wheel with the ABEC-5 bearing of this board provides the strength of it. Most of the users praised its strength.

EIGHTBIT 41-Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard Deck

Flexibility: The deck of this longboard is made of 8-ply Canadian Maple Wood. That’s why this board has a more thickness and yet it’s less flexible. This board is made with a view to ensuring its strength, stability and speed.

Stability: Stability for both the rider and the career is quite necessary whenever moving on the street. The drop down concave shape and 9.75-inches wide deck is a role model for stability. Moreover, its wide truck and wheel provides more control and maneuverability. More than 90% users have recommended it for its great stability.

Longevity: Users naturally want a longboard that is long lasting and cost minimizing. The longevity of this longboard is acceptable. It is consist of all good quality ingredients those have given the board endurance all the way. After using it for more than 1 to 2 years, most of the user doesn’t find any damaged parts in this longboard.

One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty: The most lucrative aspect of the EIGHTBIT 41-Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard is that the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on this board. One year warranty that covers manufacturer defects.

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  1. Wheels are wide, hard and durable.
  2. In a short time, it can go fast.
  3. Good combination of high-quality parts.
  4. Good for using on downhill with optimum speed.
  5. Racing and freeriding is usual with this longboard.
  6. High-quality faster lubricated bearing.
  7. There is no possibility of wheel bite.
  8. Eye catching design and shape.
  9. 1-year manufacturer defects warranty.
  10. Great longboard for the professional rider.
  11. Technical design provides more control and maneuverability.
  12. Easy to ride.


  1. Wheels are solid and not good for every street.
  2. Compared to other longboards this board has less flexibility.
  3. Some users are not satisfied with its paint.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 


Question-1: Is this board great for cruising, downhill or racing? In this respect which one is better a drop through or a drop deck one?

Answer: Yes. EIGHTBIT 41-Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard is made for this kind of riding style. It is greatest for downhill carving.

A drop down deck is better for this because it stays closer to the ground and gives much stability than other board.

Question-2: What kind of surface suitable for riding this longboard?

Answer: It is better to use on the relatively smooth surface, if you move through rough roadway you need to the extra care of riding.

Question-3: Is the Drop Deck Longboard suitable for children?

Answer: Yes. The Drop down deck creates a lower center of gravity and provides more control and stability, so it is suitable for children.

Question-4: Is the longboard is suitable for the beginners?

Answer: Both the beginners a skilled professional can use the longboard with great fun.

Question-5:  How much weight it can carry?

Answer:  It is capable of carrying around 275 pounds, but for a better riding keeping the weight on the board less than 230 pounds.

Question-6: Is there any possibility of wheel bite?

Answer: There is no possibility of wheel bite. Because of its drop down shape keeps your feet far from the wheels.

Question-7: Is the downhill riding possible with this longboard?

Answer:  The Longboard is fairly suitable for downhill, cruising, commuting and carving riding style.

Question-8: Does it come with fully assembled?

Answer:  Yes, it comes with fully assembled.

Question-9: What kind of wheel does it comes with?

Answer: There is not enough information about the wheel. Probably its Durometer rating is 80A and Diameter is 72 x 52 mm.

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Therefore, the EIGHTBIT 41-Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard is perfectly suitable for commuting the metropolis with a pleasant and freestyle mood as well as cruise the adventurous short tour. Enthusiastic users have been personalizing the equipment for their classic riding. Well construction and quality ingredients most real buyers are extremely happy with their purchase and would recommend to others. The fervent users are satisfied with its strength and stability.


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