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Atom Pintail Super Carver Longboard 44″ x 9.4″ Review

Atom Pintail Super Carver Longboard 44x9.4 inche

Editor Rating4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Riding StyleCarving, curising & commuting
Fully assembledYes
Whole Longboard (Width x Length)9.4'' x 44''
Whole Longboard Weight7.5 lbs
Deck Type
Deck MaterialsHardwood Maple
Deck Length 44"
Deck Width 9.4"
Number of Ply8 Plies
Truck Hanger180 mm
King PinReverse King Pin
Wheel ShapeRound
Wheel MaterialPolyurethane Wheel
Wheel Diameter70 mm
Bearing ABEC Rating ABEC-5
Bearing MaterialStainless Stell

The Atom Pintail Super Carver Longboard 44-inch x 9.4-inch is one of the great boards for carving. By this board, riders can easily control the speed when they turning back and forth as well as do the serpentine. Downhill riding and making fun is the very common game they can do with this carving longboard. Efficient users of this board consider it as a superior one for making fun in the way to ride a moderate hill.

Ultimate Pintail Carving ‍ Longboard

Atom Pintail Super Carver Longboard

Most remarkable aspect of the Atom Pintail Super Carver Longboard is that it is the ultimate pintail carving longboard. Carving and making fun is quite natural with this pintail shape longboard. For better carving, the most import part of a best longboard is truck. The 180 mm wide truck of this longboard is much fit for ultimate carving and downhill riding. And for this feature, riders can make twisting with this board.

On the other hand, the pintail shape of this board is essential for preventing wheel bites at the time of speedy riding.In this regard, the board is able to provide wheel bite free carving.

The get up of Atom Pintail Super Carver Longboard is pretty lucrative, because of its full coverage grip tape. This grip tape is printed with die cut logo that has made the board attractive to the users. It has a catchy mood for making a bonding between the deck of the board and the feet bottom of the rider. Moreover, it helps the riders to keep their feet on the board in a proper place with necessary balance.

Super-Fast Cruising Longboard

The Super-Fast Cruising capacity of this Atom longboard has made it popular one to the stylish users. The pintail shape of this board allows the riders getting maximum speed on the flat surface and moderate hill. The stiff maple material with 8-ply is also appropriate for speedy riding. ABEC-5 rated bearing of this longboard helps to ensure smooth and fast cruising. Additionally, its round shape 70 x 51 mm wheels are suitable for super-fast cruising without wheel bite.

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Benefits of Atom Pintail Super Carver Longboard 44″ x 9.4″ 

8-Ply Maple Deck: The 44 inches long and 9.4 inches wide Atom Pintail Super Carver Longboard is made of strong 8-ply maple wood. The maple wood has made the board hard and strong for bearing the 250lbs+ weight riders. In the case of the high-speed and rough cruising, the maple material of this board is relatively helpful. Moreover, its 8-ply construction is also able to deliver moderate flexibility at downhill riding and Carving.  So, the longboard with hard maple is a more durable as well as suitable for speedy flat riding.

Atom Pintail Super Carver Longboard

Reverse Kingpin Carving Trucks: The reverse kingpin carving trucks is one of the most useful components of this longboard. The 180 mm truck is totally made for lots of carving and twisting. For doing such fun task, this truck is enough flexible. It has the reverse kingpin that is able to deliver much stable and responsive carve riding. Moreover, reverse kingpin carving trucks of this longboard provides great maneuverability in high speed and helps to quick turn in the narrow corner.

Durable Wheels: The 70 x 51 mm wheels of the Atom Pintail Super Carver Longboard are able to give much speed at riding. Wheel of this board is round shape that is able to prevent the unusual traction. As a result, riders get the maximum speed on the flat surface and on the moderate hilly area. Additionally, the freestyle curve riding is quite possible due to its round shape.

Fast ABEC-5 Bearings: The Atom Pintail Super Carver Longboard comes with the fast ABEC-5 bearing. This kind of bearing is moderately speedy and enough durable. The bearing of this longboard is suitable for freeriding and downhill riding as well as lots of carving. It is also able to provide high speed with stability.

Atom Pintail Super Carver LongboardEye Catching Design: The shape and design of the Atom Pintail Super Carver Longboard are super cool. The authentic eye-catching design with grip tape and logo attracts the attention the real users of the longboard. Additionally, this special design has been providing carving ability at high-speed riding.

Strength: Stiff 8-ply maple made deck and reverse kingpin carving trucks have given this board an extra strength. It also comes with round shape Polyurethane durable wheel and ABEC-5 rated stainless steel bearing. Construction of these two components has made the board heavy-duty worthy.

Stability: The users of this longboard get maximum stability at downhill riding and carving. Due to its 9.4 inches deck, it is capable to delivers a peaceful steady riding on the flat and moderate hilly surface. The truck is essentially flexible and 70 mm wheels are enough wide for quick and sharp turning with stability.

Flexibility: This longboard is moderately flexible for its reverse kingpin carving truck. Since it is made of hard maple, the riders enjoy its durability. But, its 8-ply construction is also able to provide little flexibility.

Longevity: Longevity of a longboard depends on its production components and construction. The Atom Pintail Super Carver Longboard is a board of all good quality materials. It is enough long lasting for its maple made deck, strong Aluminum truck and durable wheel as well as for quality ABEC-5 rated bearing. Most of the real users praised its Longevity.

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  1. Real carving longboard at the flat surface and moderate hill.
  2. Board of work worthiness and value for money.
  3. Shape and design are skeptical and eye catching.
  4. Trucks are fit for carve riding and twisting.
  5. Capable of taking a sharp turn into the narrow corners at maximum speed.
  6. Wheel size is perfect for fast riding.
  7. Thickness is quite perfect with necessary strength.
  8. One of the super fast longboard.


  1. It is less flexible.
  2. May need to replace the bearing and wheels after a long heavy use.
  3. The end mount is sharp enough and need be careful in use.
  4. Speed is great with little speed shake.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Question-1: How fast can I go with this board?

Answer: The longboard is super carving one, so you will be able to run it with your maximum speed.

Question-2: Is it suitable for 13 years girl?

Answer: Since it is able to go through the flat surface, a teenager will be able to use this board with necessary stability.

Qusetion-3: Can I replace the wheel if necessary?

Answer: Yes, you can change the wheel if necessary.

Question-4: How much weight the board can carry?

Answer: The Longboard is the strong one and able to carry more than 250lbs.

Question-5: Is the board suitable for downhill riding?

Answer: Yes, moderate downhill riding is possible with maximum carving.

Question-6: What is the age limit for using this longboard?

Answer: The best is above 13. However, 11 years old kids can also use it.

Question-7: For whom the longboard is perfect?

Answer: The beginners can use the board and the professionals are more comfortable with this.

Question-8: What about wheel bite?

Answer: Wheel bite is not possible in respect of this longboard due to its pintail shape.

 Question-9: Is the bearing enough durable?

Answer: The ABEC-5 rated bearing is widely used one, so you will be able to use it for a long time.

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In summary, the Atom Pintail Super Carver Longboard is an extraordinary one for its material and construction. If you are a beginner or a professional looking for an ultimate pintail carving ‍ longboard, we recommend that you should buy this. Durable material and well manufactured, most enthusiastic users are really pleased with the purchase of this board and they advise other to use it.

Atom Pintail Super Carver Longboard

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