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Atom Pintail Longboard 39″ x 9.4″ Review

Atom Pintail Longboard

Editor Rating5 Stars (5 / 5)
Riding StyleCruising, Downhill Carving & Freeride
Fully assembledYes
Whole Longboard (Width x Length)9.4'' x 39''
Height (Surface to Top)5.5"
Whole Longboard Weight7.3 lbs
Deck Type
Classic Pintail
Deck MaterialsHardwood Maple
Deck Length 39"
Deck Width 9.4"
Ply8 Plies
Truck Width8.5"
Truck Material Lightweight Aluminum
King PinStandard King Pin
Durometer Rating78A
Wheel ShapeRound
Wheel MaterialPolyurethane
Wheel Diameter65 mm
Bearing ABEC Rating ABEC-5
Bearing MaterialStainless Steel


If you are a lover of sports and the outdoors, the Atom Pintail Longboard is the best equipment that you will definitely enjoy, even as a beginner. All the features make it easy for everyone to carve and the cruising experience is like no other. The usual problems such as wheel bite are not experienced when using this board. The board has a classic pintail shape and it also comes in a variety of attractive colors and designs.

Awesome Pintail Longboard Perfect for Downhill Cruising

The classic pintail shape of the Atom Pintail Longboard makes it quite easy for downhill carving, cruising, freeride & commuter. The cross section of 9.4 inches wide deck, which is concave shape, also enhances the ability of the board to make cruising or carving easy for a new user. Riders get enough places to stand on and concave shaped helps to keep your feet in position.  Additionally, the sticky grip tape makes sure one is firmly held on the deck while taking a sharp turn or quick break.

Atom Pintail Longboard Review

The pintail shape of the longboard offers great streamlining and thus going downhill or freeride is quite easy. The board’s stability offers also ensure one balances well while high-speed cruising. Because of its classic pintail shape, there is no possibility of wheel bite.

Ideal for Beginner Longboard Riders

As a novice rider, you must need a stable and easy to control longboard. The spacious deck, which also offers a comfortable standing position, enables a beginner to balance well while skateboarding. Stability on this board is made simpler as it has a grip tape, which is of high quality and prevents from getting slip while riding.

Another advantage is the wheels are further away from the center. As a result, the rider’s weight spreads equally in every corner of the board. Thus, a learner may take some time learning how to step on the board. It is almost similar to being on a surfing board. The urethane wheels also offer a high rebound and have the essential grip on the crack or rough surface.

The 8.5 inches SKP trucks are agile and quickly responsive. The turning and carving are simple and comfortable with such kinds of trucks. This is of great advantage for beginners who might not have the confidence or stability. All these aspects have made this Pintail Longboard an easy to control and maneuverable longboard and ideal for beginning riders.

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Benefits of Atom Pintail Longboard 39″ x 9.4″

Classic Pintail Shape: This Atom Longboard offers the user with a great downhill cruising and city carving experience. The deck is pintail shaped and the cross section is the concave shape. This enhances the streamlining of the longboard, making it very easy to cruise about, especially when longboarding super fast. This makes it even easier for a beginner as they put in minimal effort while cruising.

Extreme Maple Laminate Deck: The maple wood is a perfect component for longboard deck. It is crack resist and weather protected. This Atom Pintail Longboard comes with 39 inches long and 9.4 inches wide 8 plies vertically laminate maple deck. The stiff and steady spacious surface offers stability and moderate flexibility. The 8-ply deck is enough strong to carry more than 250lbs weighting rider.

8.5-Inch Aluminum Trucks: Making a safe turn, break or comfortable carving, trucks take a vital role in this case.  This longboard offers 8.5 inches, standard king pin, lightweight aluminum trucks. The trucks are also polished and making the longboard offer optimum performance. Moreover, its high-quality bushing helps to absorb the shocks and makes your turning smooth and comfortable.

Atom Pintail Longboard Review

Urethane Wheels: These wheels offer super high rebounding. They are also of high quality and 78A harness, making the cruising even better. The contact path is 65mm in length, offering more stability for the user. These soft wheels offer proper grip and a high performance as they are of high quality.

Durable ABEC-5 Bearings: The Atom Pintail Longboard has ABEC-5 rated bearings, which are fast, durable and made of stainless steel. Because of its lubricant balls, the accelerating speed is really good. Just need a little bit push to go a long distance in short time. These kinds of bearings are ideal for downhill carving, cruising & commuter.

Atom Pintail Longboard ReviewGrip Tape: It is made of aluminum oxide. The grip tape covers the top fully, offering users a good grip on the board, just like surfing boards. This adds to the stability of the user.

No Wheel Bite: Making curves is made easier and without the problem of wheel bites. This is because of the shape of the board, which is classic. Beginners will enjoy this feature as it offers them with a hassle-free experience. Falls and accidents are minimal when there is no wheel bite. This also lengthens the useful life of the board.

Awesome Graphic: The graphic on the bottom of the deck is really fabulous and charming. The longboard’s lookout enhances such kind of painting.  This is also a reason of popularity of this Atom board.

Atom Pintail Longboard Review

Strength: The strength of a longboard comes from its parts. In this case, the 8 plies board is strong and made of hardwood maple and truck is made of aluminum. Additionally, its high rebound PU 78A wheels are enough durable for extreme use. Bearings are stainless steel. I think this will help you to understand the strength of this Atom Pintail Longboard.

Flexibility: The deck of this board made of 8-ply stiff maple hardwood. Naturally maple is the less flexible element. So it provides less flexibility than bamboo. But the deck is externally strong and made for carrying heavy weight.  It’s responsive truck bushing is also offers some flexibility.

Stability: This Atom Longboard presents a wide deck with sticky grip tape that has enough space for keeping your feet properly. The wide responsive truck helps to make a turn and smooth downhill carving safely. At the same time, soft wheel provides essential grip on the unusual surface. Including all these features you will found a stable, safe and comfortable longboard.

Longevity: The Longboard is durable. The high-quality materials give it a longer useful life. The fact that its features ensure that there is no wheel bite also lengthens its useful life.

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  1. Wheel bite is not experienced while carving or turning.
  2. All the features ensure maximum stability and maneuverability.
  3. Classic pintail shape maple deck with high-quality hardware.
  4. The classic shape makes cruising a breeze, especially when going downhill.
  5. It can support the weight of individuals who weigh up to 250 lbs.
  6. Perfect longboard for starters.
  7. Stable and smooth riding experience on the unusual surface.
  8. Fascinating design and color combination.
  9. Useful for multi-purpose riding style.
  10. Pretty legit longboard for the money.


  1. You may need to upgrade the bearing for better speed.
  2. Not enough flexible deck.
  3. The truck may need to adjust.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Atom Pintail Longboard

Question-1: Is the board suitable for beginners and experts?

Answer: Yes, the pintail shaped deck and other parts are totally suitable for beginning riders. It has excellent stability for the beginners and strength for the professionals.

Question-2: Does the board come with fully assembled?

Answer: Yes, this board comes with the fully assembled position.

Question-3: What is the required minimum age for children will be able to use it?

Answer: The best is above 13. However, the 10 years old kids can also use it.

Question-4: How much weight can it carry?

Answer: There is no official weight limit. But many people weighing over 250 lbs have been riding this board without any issues.

Question-5: Do I need to change any parts?

Answer: No, you don’t need. But if you need more speed you can upgrade the bearing.

Question-6: Does the board give stiff feeling?

Answer: No, you will not get any stiff feeling. Because of the board and bushing are moderately flexible.

Question-7: Is there any possibility of wheel bite?

Answer: Because of its classic pintail shape, there is no possibility of wheel bite.

Question-8: Does it offer any bearing spacers?

Answer: Such types of wheels don’t require any bearing spacers.

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The Atom Pintail Longboard is one of the best Longboards which is suitable for beginners. For someone who is looking for a stable Longboard as they learn how to cruise and carve, this is it. Although it may be limited in doing more carving like those used by advanced skateboarders, this board offers stability and a good grip, similar to that of surfing boards. It is a good pick which can also be adjusted to suit one’s preferences.

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