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Atom Drop-Through Longboard 41-Inch review


Atom Drop-Through Longboard 41-Inch

Editor Rating5 Stars (5 / 5)
Riding StyleDownhill Carving, Freestyle & Racing
Fully assembledYes
Whole Longboard (Width x Length)9.5" x 41"
Whole Longboard Weight9 lbs
Height (Surface to Top) 4.72"
Deck Material
Deck Type
Drop Through
Deck MaterialsHardwood Maple
Deck Long41"
Deck Width 9.5"
Ply9 plies
Width of Axles
245 mm
Truck Height4"
Truck MaterialLightweight Aluminum
King Pin Reverse Kingpin
Durometer Rating 78A
Wheel MaterialSuper High Rebound Polyurethane
Wheel Diameter (H*w)70 x 51mm
Bearing MaterialStainless Steel

Atom founded in 1993 in Colorado Springs. Atom Longboards put their own distinctive spin on the growing longboard trend with their latest, the Atom Drop-Through Longboard 41-inch and its design goes a long way in helping it stand out in a crowded market. With extra consideration for maximum comfort, stability, and maneuverability, this latest model is excellent for freestyle, carving and downhill high speed cruising. Stable at high speeds and providing a satisfying ride for anyone who tries it, this model seems custom made for those looking to start out using  a quality longboard.

Ultra-Low-Riding Longboard Ensures Maximum Stability for Downhill Carving or Freestyle Cruising

Downhill carving and freestyle cruising is a popular longboarding style among the longboard riders. In this case, you need a good stable and maneuverable longboard and it is quite necessary for safe and comfortable riding. We know the speed, stability or maneuverability depends on longboard’s parts and shape.

Atom Drop-Trough Longboard 41-inch

In this view, this Atom longboard 41-inch  is a perfect instrument. The 9.5 inches wide deck with sticky grip tape will give you enough space and traction to keep your feet in the right place. The ultra-low-riding structure of this board creates a low center of gravity that increases the stability and maneuverability while you are on downhill carving or freestyle cruising.

 At the same time, the responsive 245mm RKP truck helps to get a quick turn into the sharp or bent roadway. Also, 78A soft rebound urethane wheels are able to run on the unstable riding surface without risk of being thrown off. All these exceptional qualities have made this longboard a perfect one for downhill and freestyle riding.

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Ideal longboard for both Novice and Expert Riders

This Atom Longboard is an ideal longboard for both the novice and expert riders. Every beginner requires a longboard which is stable and easy to control. On the other hand, professional riders need a board that has high-quality parts with strength and stability. According to their requirements, this Drop-Trough Longboard has all the qualities to satisfy them. On the above point, I already have discussed its great stability and maneuverability.

Atom Drop-Trough Longboard 41-inch

Now let me tell how much strong this longboard is. It has 9-Ply hardwood maple lamination, Aluminum reverse kingpin trucks, 78A rebound urethane 70x51mm wheels and highest quality ABEC-9 lubricant bearing. With these parts, the board easily can carry more than 280lbs+ rider on any surface. These are quite enough feature information to understand the strength of this longboard.

Unique Perimeter Shape Gives 9.6-Inches of Leverage into Every Turn

The perimeter shape is the highlight of this model. Its distinct shape allows for it to have 9.6 inches of leverage that will give you to a take a quick or sharp turn through the bent corners. Because of its leverage capability, the board will not make you slow but give you more speed.

Moreover, this exceptional feature will help you to make carving freely and ensure that you experience no wheel bite at all. This helps to maintain stability and prevent you from falling off the deck from awkward adjustments while in motion. This makes this model ideal for sharp turns, about-faces and excellent weaving back and forth capability – the backbone of every good carving board.

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Benefits of Atom Drop-Through Longboard 41-Inch

Durable 9-ply Maple Deck: This Atom Longboard comes with 9 plies of full maple lamination deck. Maple is one of the best hardwoods that are crack resist and weather protected. The deck is 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide. It is concave and down to earth drop with through shaped. Such type of deck is reared and made for tolerating heavy use. Maple deck is stiff and provides just the right amount of flexibility to absorb adequate shock while still giving the ability to speed up significantly.

Atom Drop-Trough Longboard 41-inch

Heavy Duty RKP Truck: Truck is one of the major parts of a longboard. For comfortable carving and taking a sharp turn, truck provides a vital role on the road. Atom has used reverse kingpin truck in this longboard. It is 4 inches high and 245mm wide. It is made of high-quality lightweight Aluminum.

Atom Drop-Trough Longboard 41-inch70x51mm (SHR) Urethane Wheels: This Atom Longboard 41-inch has super high rebound (SHR) urethane wheels. The diameter is 70×51 mm and 78A hardness. These soft wheels are quite perfect for running on the crack or rough surface or sidewalk. Additionally, it helps to absorb the shocks and assure smooth riding experience.

Extreme ABEC-9 Bearing: This Drop-Through Longboard offers with ABEC-9 lubricant bearing. Such types of bearings are the highest quality bearing in the market. The lubricant balls are made of stainless steel. Despite long time rolling, they are not heated easily that makes it long lasting and durable one. The acceleration speed of this bearing is super fast. The ABEC-9 bearing is suitable for professional downhill, freestyle or speed boarding.

No Possibility of Wheel Bite: Wheel bite is a common problem in longboard riding. But day by day it is becoming a myth. Because of its unique perimeter shape, there is no possibility of while bite. You will enjoy hassle free riding experience.

80S Grip Tape: This longboard has 80S grip tape. 80S grip tape is the highest quality grip tape in the market. It protects the deck surface and does not wrap off in heavy use. Additionally, its sticky mood protects your feet from sleeping and maintains proper balance while you are riding your board at high speed.

Great Maneuverability: As stated, this board is excellent for carving. This is possible on both downhills as well as flat roads. With trucks that turn a little more easily than most longboards and soft urethane wheels that offer extra grip on multiple types of surfaces, this model offers a significant of maneuverability that you can utilize at both cruising and high speeds.

Atom Drop-Trough Longboard 41-inch

Flexibility: The flexibility of a longboard mainly depends on its deck construction. The deck of this longboard is moderately flexible because of its 9-ply maple structure. But such type of flexibility is essential for high-speed riding. This makes it special among the longboards, not too flexible but not too rigid as well.

Stability:  The 9.5 inches wide deck with the low center of gravity, RKP responsive trucks and soft high rebound wheels have made this longboard extremely stable whether you’re just out for a stroll in the park or carving like a madman as you speed downhill. Having the trucks attached to the top of the deck rather than the bottom is the reason why it has such a low center of gravity.

Longevity: All the parts have been used in this Atom Longboard are high-quality and extremely durable. Most of the real user of this board is really happy with its long lasting service. A careful user can easily use it 2 to 3 years.

One-year Manufacturer’s Warranty: The Atom Drop-Through Longboard 41-inch provides one year manufacturer’s warranty. This means that if at any time with a 12 month period you encounter a problem or defect in it, you can send it to Atom for either repairs or a new replacement board.

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  1. Perfect balance of flexibility and stability.
  2. Good leverage capability.
  3. Excellent for downhill carving and flat cruising.
  4. No chance of wheel bite.
  5. ABEC-9 bearing provides speed-boarding experience.
  6. Suitable longboard for both beginner and professional rider.
  7. Durable soft wheels able to run different kinds of unusual surface.
  8. Great strength and longevity.
  9. Fully assemble longboard and ready to ride.
  10. Designed for maximum control and maneuverability.


  1. Truck & bushing may need to adjust according to your carving style.
  2. Due to its 9-ply maple lamination, this longboard is moderately flexible.
  3. The beginner should be careful about its high-speed acceleration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Question-1: Is this a good longboard for cruising and downhill carving.

Answer: As I stated earlier, it is one of the best longboards available in the market for cruising and downhill carving.

Question-2: From which age can children start using it?

Answer: The best is above 13. However, 11 years old kids can also use it.

Question-3: How much a weight can it carry on?

Answer: This board doesn’t have any official weight limit. But many people weighing over 250 lbs have been riding this board without any issues.

Question-4: Is this board really worthy for a beginner.

Answer: Yes, it is really worthy for a beginner. More than 95% real beginning users of this board give 5 stars out of 5 and like to recommend to the other starters.

Questing-5: How about its turn capability?

Answer: Its turning skill is really awesome. Unique perimeter shape gives smooth and comfortable turn with 9.6-inches of leverage.

Questing-6: Does it come with fully assemble or I need to adjust?

Answer: You don’t need to adjust because it comes with fully assemble.

Question-7: Is it a suitable board for crack or unusual surface?

Answer: Yes, its parts like wheels, trucks, deck are quite perfect for running on the crack or rough surface.

Question-8: Is there any possibility of wheel bite?

Answer: Because of its unique perimeter shape, there is no possibility of wheel bite.

Question-9: Does the board give stiff feeling?

Answer: No, it is moderately flexible. So you will not get any stiff feeling.

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All in all, this is the perfect mid-range longboard for people who want to go for a leisurely cruise on a mild and breezy afternoon and for downhill carvers. Just know that while it does both fantastically, there are other boards better suited to both pure cruising and pure downhill carving and free-styling. But for people who are just starting out with longboards and haven’t mastered either skill, the Atom Drop-Through Longboard 41-inch is the ideal model to start out on and learn how to do both very well.

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