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Atom Drop Through Longboard 40 Inches Review

Atom Drop Through Longboard 40 Inches

Editor Rating5 Stars (5 / 5)
Riding StyleDownhill and Freestyle
Fully assembledYes
Whole Longboard (Width x Length)10'' x 40''
Whole Longboard Weight7.9 lbs
Deck Type
Drop Through
Deck MaterialsBamboo and Hardwood Maple
Deck Length 40"
Deck Width 10"
How Much Ply9 Ply
Truck Hanger180 mm
Truck Material Lightweight Aluminum
King PinReverse King Pin
Durometer Rating78A
Wheel ShapeSquare
Wheel MaterialPolyurethane
Wheel Diameter70 x 51mm
Bearing ABEC Rating ABEC-9
Bearing MaterialStainless Steel

The Atom Drop Through Longboard 40 inches is one of the best versatile and comfortable longboard for cruising, downhill riding, sliding and racing. The combined materials of bamboo and maple have made this longboard high-speed sports instrument with maximum stability. Its heat transferred graphically is outstanding among many other longboards available in the current market. Most of the Longboard riders are excited with this multi-functional longboard. It has various good quality components and riding capability. I hope you will also be happy with your highest enjoyment of longboarding.

Perfect Longboard for Downhill and Freestyle Rider

The most remarkable feature of the Atom Drop Through Longboard is that it is absolutely suitable for downhill and freestyle riding. The 10 inches wide deck of this longboard is quite fit for running on the usual slop of the tiny hill. The flexible deck helps to absorb the shock. In this respect, this popular equipment will be able to keep you steady when you drive it with a maximum speed on the way to your trip.

Atom Drop Through Longboard

The Navigator drone 40-degree base reverse kingpin trucks are attached with this atom longboard will allow you to ride in a responsive manner so that you can keep yourself in a relaxed position.  Such kinds of trucks will provide you great control and maneuverability on the downhill and freestyle riding. Additionally, it has 78A rated soft wheel with extreme ABEC-9 high-speed lubricant bearing. Those are very smooth and fast on the crack, rough or uneven surface. The soft wheels are very helpful to give you proper grip on the sloppy road.

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Extremely Durable Deck

The Deck of a longboard is one of the most key components of a Longboard. The total position and weight of the rider remain on the deck of a longboard in an acceptable balanced arrangement. The deck of the Atom Drop Through Longboard is made of maple and bamboo hybrid lamination.


It has 7 plies maple and 2 plies bamboo laminate. Such technical combination of this deck has made it best downhill longboard as well as sufficient flexible and more long-lasting. Due to its strong and flexible material combination, this longboard is able to tolerate much pressure of downhill and freestyle riding with desired flexibility. Moreover, the board can carry more than the 290lbs rider in any surface.

Ideal Longboard for Starter and Professional Rider

A starter and professional rider must need a best Longboard that is extremely durable and easy to ride. The Atom Drop Through Longboard is thoroughly suitable for such type of benefits. The 10 inches wide concave deck of this longboard is relatively low to the ground that keeps beginner’s balance in a proper position and provides stable riding. The 9-ply hybrid deck and other parts are able to tolerate heavy percussion ‍and weight.

The 180 mm reverse kingpin truck of this longboard is quite responsive and easy to take the quick turn. The wheel with 78A rating offers maximum grips so that no accident can occur in any crucial situation. And most importantly, the ABEC-9 bearing is able to provide ultra-smooth longboard riding for a beginner.

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Benefits of Atom Drop Through Longboard 40 Inches

Maple and Bamboo Hybrid Lamination: The hybrid lamination of the Maple and Bamboo with 40 inches long and 10 inches wide deck has made the Atom Drop Through Longboard an extraordinary one in respect of its endurance and flexibility. Both the ingredients are durable enough to accommodate heavy weight even on a craggy roadway. The flexibility of the bamboo material is able to allow the longboard much stability and tolerance to go through an uneven path with a maximum speed.

Atom Drop Through Longboard High-Performance Trucks: For a reasonable tide bonding between the deck and the wheels, the truck of a Longboard plays a vital role. The Atom Drop Through Longboard comes with navigator drone – 40 degrees base with 180mm hangers reverse kingpin truck. Because of compact construction of the aluminum, this longboard is able to provide maximum work delivery at high-speed riding. Such quality trucks ensure the stable and responsive riding with offering maximum control and maneuverability. It is able to take a quick or sharp turn into the narrow corner. So, this strong and well-structured truck of this longboard has made the cruising and carving more easy and pleasant.

Heavy Duty Wheel: The wheels are the driving force of a longboard. In the Atom Drop Through Longboard is attached 78A rated square wheel that has the diameter of 71 by 51 mm. Such soft wheels are able to absorb the maximum shock at the high speed running. This Atom AREA wheel also provides a sufficient grip that is important for riding through an uneven and sloppy surface. Downhill and freestyle riding are also suitable for this good quality and heavy duty wheel.

Extreme ABEC-9 Rated Bearing: The ABEC-9 rated high-speed lubricant bearing of the Atom Drop Through Longboard is one of the top quality bearing available in the market. Such rated bearing is so strong and durable. Because of this highest quality bearing, the longboard has got an ultra fast speed and power of taking a smooth turn into the short corner. You will get all the opportunities of high-speed racing, downhill, and freestyle riding with this longboard due to the sustainability and endurance of this stainless steel bearing.

Atom Drop Through Longboard High-Quality Grip Tape: The grip tape is an essential element for keeping the feet tightens to the deck surface. In the Atom Drop Through Longboard, there has been used a coarse 46 grit grip tape. Grip tape protects the deck from getting wet and scratches. The tape has been used on this board is high quality and doesn’t wrap off in heavy use.

Strength: The strength of a longboard depends on its elements. Maple wood is crack resist and weather protected. Bamboo is naturally flexible and strong. The heavy duty aluminum truck with 78A PU wheel also has great durability. The ultimate ABEC-9 bearing has great heat absorbing capability.  Because of these various parts and equipment fitted in this longboard, most of the real users of this board have praised its strength.

Flexibility: If the Longboard is a flexible one, you will be able to use it in your desired manner. Though the maple is relatively hard material, the bamboo is ideal for making a longboard much flexible. For this bamboo material, the Atom Drop Through Longboard is able to provide sufficient flexible riding.

Stability: Every rider likes a stable and comfortable longboard. Due to its 40 inches long and 10 inches wide deck, riders get enough space to keep their feet comfortable. Drop through shape makes it easy to kick. Moreover, navigator drones – 40-degree base truck provides wonderful maneuverability and control for craving or downhill riding. At the same time, 70 mm wide soft wheels give proper grip and help to absorb the shocks from crack surface riding. All these features assure maximum stability and comfort as well as best longboard for girls.

LongevityLongevity: A real user only loves a longboard if it has good longevity and desired durability. As longboard producing material, the bamboo and maple are good quality. So, the combination of hybrid laminated wood, the deck has made this longboard long lasting and suitable for any sorts of weather. The 180 mm-hanger aluminum truck is also strong enough for offering the maximum tolerance of high pressure. Moreover, the top quality PU wheels and stainless steel hit absorbing bearing used in this longboard have made it fit for long term riding.

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1. Suitable for any weather because of the hybrid laminated deck.
2. Capable to run on any kind of surface.
3. Suitable for both starter and expert riders.
4. Due to wide enough deck, users get maximum stability.
5. Beautiful photo heat transfer graphic attracts the view of the riders.
6. Easy to control and maneuverable.
7. Super fast riding capability.
8. There is no chance for wheel bite.
9. Ideal for cruising, carving, downhill and freestyle.


1. Due to the maple wood material and 9-ply, offers moderate flexibility.
2. For more responsiveness at taking the turn, may need to little bit adjustment of the truck.
3. The bushing may need to change for suiting with your weight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Atom Pintail Longboard

Question-1: How good are the trucks?

Answer:  The navigator drone – 40-degree base – 180mm hangers are good enough for making this longboard strong one.

Question-2: Are the spare parts available?

Answer: Yes, the spares are available at company service center and may be shipped as your requirement.

Question-3: Does this board come fully assembled?

Answer: Yes, the board comes fully assembled.

Question-4: Is this a good board for beginners?

Answer: The beginners are totally satisfied with this board because of its flexibility and stable riding.

Question-5: How much weight this longboard can carry?

Answer: The strength of this longboard is extraordinary. It is able to carry more than the 290lbs rider.

Question-6: Does this board suitable for making Ollie?

Answer: Since it is not a kicktail longboard, tricks, like Ollie is not possible with this. But for downhill and freestyle riding this board is appropriate.

Question-7: Is this longboard so stiff or flexible?

Answer: The deck of this longboard is made of 2-ply bamboo and 7-ply maple wood. So, it is medium flexible.

Question-8: How good are the bearings and truck?

Answer: The ABEC-9 rated bearing is super quality bearing in the present market. It is long lasting and durable too. The truck of this board is really awesome. With this truck, the longboard is easy to control and maneuverable at the time of carving and other styles.

Question-9: What is the required minimum age for children will be able to use it?

Answer: The best is above 13. However, 10 years old kids can also use it.

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In summary, the Atom Drop Through Longboard is a wonderful riding equipment that is widely accepted and a praiseworthy one for its strength and stability. Deck materials and construction have made it strong one for downhill and freestyle riding. Well-made and durable, most real buyers of this product are extremely pleased with their purchase and love to recommend it to others. In respect of high speed and stability, the Atom drop through longboard 40 Inches is the perfect one both for professional and amateur users.

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