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Atom Drop Deck Longboard 41-inch Review

Atom Drop Deck Longboard 41-Inch

Rating5 Stars (5 / 5)
Riding StyleDownhill, High-Speed Racing & Carving
Fully AssembledYes
Whole Longboard (Width x Length)9.6" x 41"
Height (Surface to Top)
Whole Longboard Weight10 lbs
Deck Type
Drop Deck
All Deck MaterialFull Maple Laminate
Deck Length
Deck Width 9.6”
Truck Height4"
Width of Axles 245 mm / 9.65’’
Truck MaterialAluminum
King PinReverse Kingpin
Wheel Durometer Rating78A
Wheel ShapeSquare
Wheel MaterialSuper High Rebound Urethane
Wheel Diameter (HxW)70 x 51 mm
Bearing ABEC RatingABCE-9
Bearing MaterialStainless Steel

Nowadays most long boards are made with a view to making the ride as easy as possible for the riders. Atom Drop Deck Longboard reflects this idea perfectly. The classic technical design of this long board gives great maneuverability and stability, and its parts assure high quality and speed. It is ideal for downhill carving, high-speed racing or cruising around the town. This is a perfect longboard for both experts looking forward to improving their technique and beginners trying out a longboard for the first time.

Ultra-Low-Riding Longboard Ensures Maximum Stability for both Beginners and ExpertsAtom Drop Deck Longboard 41-Inch

Before buying a longboard, any beginner or expert may think that which longboard I am going to buy, it’s actually how much stable and maneuverable. The technical design of Atom Drop Deck Longboard makes it so easy to control and maneuver. The main distinction between its drop deck board and other types of boards are the design.

On a wide drop deck board, the rider’s feet get enough space and stay closer to the ground than the front. This condition creates a low center of gravity, which provides you maximum stability and protects you from wobbling while going downhill. The high-quality grip tape also helps you keep your feet in position. Most of the users especially appreciate the stability of this Atom longboard.

Perfect Longboard for Downhill Carving

When you try to ride downhill carving you must need a longboard that can go so fast, has the extreme stability, good strength and can take a quick turn into the sharp corners. All these features are included in this longboard.

Classic material maple deck is so robust and stiff. It has an absolutely moderate amount of flex to accommodate most body weight types. Because of this ability, it goes at a higher speed than a board with more shock-absorbing flexibility while going downhill. Wide drop deck perimeter shape gives extra leverage and stability.

Exceptional design reverse kingpin truck helps to make a quick turn into the sharp corner. Super high rebound urethane wheels and heist quality lubricated balls of the bearing spin smoothly and need a little bit push to increase your speed fast. For these reasons, Atom Drop Deck Longboard is perfect downhill longboard.

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Benefits of Atom Drop Deck Longboard 41-Inch

Full Maple Laminate Deck: Maple is the most common type of wood used for making longboard decks because maple tends to be a stiffer material – which helps generate more speed- than other types of woods. The 41 inches full maple laminate deck provides just the right amount of flex to absorb adequate shock while still giving the ability to speed up significantly.

Unique Perimeter Shape: The perimeter design of the 41 inches Atom Drop Deck Longboard helps to make a quick turn at high speed. This specific deck shape allows virtually no wheel bite. Moreover, 9.6 inches perimeter shape deck confirms the balance and maneuver, when you are on the top of the Atom Board.

Atom Drop Deck Longboard 41-inch

Leverage in Every Turn: Additionally, this perimeter design gives the rider about 9.6 inches of leverage in every turn. That means when you are at high speed and need to make a quick turn; you don’t need to be slow or it does not make you slow. You can ride it around town, long-distance and downhill without any fear of falling. This is another compelling reason why it’s so ideal for downhill.

Heavy Duty Trucks: Another significant part is the heavy duty Reverse King Pin (RKP) truck with 245 mm axles. The trucks are made of high-quality aluminum that is significantly rugged and durable. This kind of truck usually makes the longboard more stable and maneuverable. Besides, the truck’s higher mount helps you make a very smooth turn into the sharp corner.

Atom Drop Deck Longboard Wheel

High-Quality Wheels: The 78A Durometer wheels are made of Super High Rebound Urethane, which makes them excellent for shock absorption and providing the smoothest ride possible. The wheels’ perfect size (Diameter=70 x 51 mm) and softness ensure that you can use it on any rough surface, street, campus ground and downhill carving.

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Extreme ABEC 9 Bearings: ABEC 9 rated bearings are the highest quality bearing in the market. This kind of bearing is usually used for high speed and extreme performance. The lubricated balls of the bearing spin smoothly and need a little bit push to increase your speed. The bearings are extremely self-sustaining. That is why the maintenance of these ball bearings is minimal.

8oS Grip Tape: It comes with high-quality 8oS grip tape. The grip tape helps to keep the foot on the surface of the deck and increases rider stability in motion. Moreover, it protects the top of the deck from erosion. 80S grip tape does not peel off easily and can be used for a long time.

Strength: Full maple laminated deck, aluminum trucks, 78A Urethane wheels and ABEC 9 bearings – all these are important parts of this longboard. Due to its high-quality parts, Atom Drop Deck Longboard is extremely durable and can withstand a significant amount of pressure.

Flexibility: The maple construction also makes it only moderately flexible.  It will absorb shock on flat surfaces, but not on gravel paths.

Longevity: All the high-quality parts increase its longevity. Most of the customers don’t find any damaged parts between 2 to 3 years. But the soft wheels might get damaged for heavy use on rough surfaces.

Atom Drop Deck Longboard 41-inch

Stability: 9.6 inches wide with ultra-low drop deck shape creates a low center of gravity, and soft wheels give the necessary grip on the surface which ensures maximum stability for the rider. Additionally, perimeter shape and higher mount truck make it one of the most stable drop deck longboards for cruising, downhill carving and sharp high-speed turns.

One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty: Atom’s one year manufacturer’s warranty means that they will both repair and replace any of their products within a year of purchase. Make sure you keep your receipt in case any accidents happen or defects appear.

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  1. The longboard is perfect for both the beginners and professionals.
  2. Perimeter design makes easy to maneuver and control it.
  3. Maple deck and ABEC 9 bearing are suitable for high-speed riding like downhill carving.
  4. Higher mount truck helps to make a quick turn into the sharp corner.
  5. Smooth and shock absorption wheel.
  6. All the parts have high quality.
  7. Extra leverage into every turn.
  8. Eye catching design.
  9. Limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  1. Excessive sliding on a rouge surface could damage the wheels.
  2. Due to full maple deck, it is not flexible enough.
  3. It is not a board for tricks.

Frequently Asked Questions


Question-1: Is this board perfect for cruising, downhill or racing? What is better for this, a drop through or a drop deck board for this?

Answer: Yes. The Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch) is made for this kind of riding style. It is best for downhill carving.

A drop deck is better for this. Because it stays closer to the ground and gives much stability and maneuverability than others.

Question-2: What is the required minimum age for children will be able to use it?

Answer: The Best is above 10. However, 8 years old kids also can use it.

Question-3: How much weight can it carry on?

Answer: The official weight limit is 220lbs. But many people weighing over 250 lbs are riding this board without any issues.

Question-4: Whom the longboard is suitable for – beginners or professionals?

Answer: It is appropriate for the beginners. The professionals can also use it.

Question-5: Is there any possibility of wheel bite?

Answer: Because of its drop deck shape, there is no chance of wheel bite.

Question-6: How big are the wheels and what is the durometer rating (hardness)?

Answer: The wheels’ are 70 mm high and 51 mm wide. Durometer or hardness is 78A.

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Final Words

In the end, the ideal customer for Atom Drop Deck Longboard 41-Inch is someone who wants a smooth and stable ride. The board helps the rider maintain control at high speeds as well as maneuver easily while cruising. It may not appeal to experts looking for pull off sick tricks, but professional carvers looking for a smooth ride that helps them turn with all the leverage a board 9.6 inches wide can offer won’t find a better option than this.

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