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Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard Review

Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard

Editor Rating4 Stars (4 / 5)
Riding StyleDownhill Cruising, Freestyle, Freeride & Commuting
Fully assembledYes
Whole Longboard (Width x Length)9'' x 36''
Whole Longboard Weight8 lbs
Wheels Base29"
Deck Type
Drop Through
Deck MaterialsHardwood Maple
Deck Length 36"
Deck Width 9"
How Much Ply8 Ply
Truck Axel245 mm
Truck Material Aluminum Alloy
King PinReverse King Pin
Durometer Rating78A
Wheel MaterialPolyurethane
Wheel Diameter70 x 51 mm
Wheel ShapeSquare
Bearing ABEC Rating ABEC-9
Bearing MaterialStainless Steel

The Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard is a super quality apparatus in terms of the parts and materials used in it. Due to the worthwhile work delivery of this longboard, users have been enjoying their fun making time with this innovative riding equipment. This ultra-high and bouncing longboard is absolutely appropriate for speed riding with various riding style. If you are a rider like to do lots of tricks and Cadillac smooth riding in respect of your regular longboarding habit, this longboard is the hard-to-beat all-rounder.

Perfect Longboard for Cruising, Carving and Commuting

The Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard is a perfect tool for cruising, carving and commuting around the city or to and from the college. The get up and construction of this longboard are appropriate for long period cruising and commuting. Various freestyle riding, like back and forth of carving is very natural fun that is enjoyably possible to do by this dynamic longboard.

For cruising and commuting, the riders look for speedy longboard. This longboard have the deck of maple with 8-ply that has really made it a swift one. Its truck comes with 245 mm axle and reverse kingpin those have converted the board a responsive body for taking turn in a short corner. Additionally, due to the 70 by 51 mm wheel and ABEC-9 rated bearing, this longboard has got sufficient extra pace. Such combination made this riding equipment an excellent specialized longboard.

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Ideal Longboard for Starters

The starter users love this longboard very much due to its stability and smooth work delivery. Since it has the drop through deck, the board is relatively low to the ground and this quality provides enough stable riding that is necessary for a new rider.

The quality of the materials, like the truck, wheel and bearing are outstanding. These good quality parts are able to deliver a comprehensive and hassle-free riding to the amateur riders. The reverse kingpin aluminum truck of this longboard is really responsive and 78A rated soft wheel is especially suitable for stable riding. The starters are also gladdened to this longboard as it is easy to handle and operation due to its tiny size.

Mid-size Longboard Suitable for Kids under13

The Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard is extensively popular to the children who are in the age of less than 13. Due to its small size, it is easy to handle and accurate for peaceful riding. Its construction and compactness of the different parts have made this longboard much suitable for the children. Drop through deck is relatively low, that’s why it is fit for stable riding. At the same time, the 78A soft wheel provides grips enough for steady and smooth riding.

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Benefits of Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard

Full Maple Laminate Deck: The maple laminated deck of Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard is authentic riding equipment in terms of its speed riding quality and strength. This longboard comes with 36 inches long and 9 inches wide 8-ply hardwood maple that is robust and stiff enough for high speed riding. The quality and endurance of this longboard remain unquestionable due to its maple construction. This material has increased the strength and longevity of this lively longboard very much.

245mm Axles RKP Truck: The truck of the Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard comes with 245 mm axle and the reverse kingpin truck. Such structure has made this longboard responsive enough for the smooth turn. When you will moveAtom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard
through the roadway and will pass a round-about, you will get maximum turning performance due to this good quality RKP truck. It has also compacted to the longboard by making a well bonding between the deck and wheel of this board.

Super High Rebound PU Wheel: The super high rebound PU wheel of the Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard is famous for making various tricks and freeride with high-speed traveling. The 70 by 51 mm wheel of this longboard is able to provide much pace so that riders can cruise quickly from one place to another. Carving is an easy fun with this longboard due to the 78A soft wheel that is able to provide lots of grips.

High-Speed Lubricant ABEC 9 Bearings: One of the sophisticated parts of this longboard is its High-Speed Lubricant ABEC-9 Bearing. This is the high-quality bearing used in this longboard. Such super kind of bearing performs very fine for fast going through the roadways. It provides maximum smoothness at the time of your fast commuting. This bearing is quite sustainable, ultra-fast, and durable even after a long time use. The downhill and freestyle riders also like such kind of good quality bearing a lot for its trustworthy feedback.

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High-Quality 80S Grip Tape: This longboard comes with high-quality 80S grip tape. For compactness of the deck top, the grip tape is an ideal stuff and able to provides you proper balance on the deck by keeping the foot in a right position at the time of doing tricks.

Easy Pushing: The Atom Longboard is an easy one to push. With a very simple kick, you can move so far and fast. It is small in size with a measuring of 36 inches long and 9 inches wide. Due to the drop through construction, it is with a lower deck and that’s why you can push this longboard easily.

Great Control and Maneuverability: You will be able to keep a great control and maneuverability on this longboard. It responsive truck provides stability and smooth riding in any short corner. The 78A soft wheel gives a lot of grips and for both these reasons; you can control and maneuver this longboard very well.

Strength: All the materials used in this longboard are super quality those have increased the strength of this longboard. The maple-made deck is really strong for enhancing the strength of this board. Another good quality part of this longboard is its sturdy truck. The wheels and bearing are also providing this longboard huge strength.

Flexibility: The Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard is less flexible due to its 8-ply maple construction. But, the maple wood has made the deck of this longboard high-speedy and durable enough. The soft wheel of this board is also able to provide smooth stable riding.

Stability: This longboard moves fast with huge stability. The drop through deck is relatively low one for its cutout and deck mounted truck. So, the riders get stability in their cruising and commuting. Responsive and stable turn is also possible for its strong aluminum trucks and the grip wheels are able to deliver smooth and stable riding.

Longevity: Most of the practical riders have been reported that they are using this longboard for more than 3-4 years without any remarkable difficulties. The deck is unquestionably long lasting due to its maple wood construction. The aluminum truck is adequate good quality for tolerating maximum weight. Moreover, the 78A wheel and ABEC-9 rated bearing have made this longboard durable and suitable for long term use.

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  1. Hardwood maple laminated durable deck
  2. Due to small size, easy to push and move
  3. Good quality grip tape for protecting the deck top
  4. Superior quality bearing for smooth riding
  5. Super high rebound wheel providing enough carving facility
  6. Suitable size to fit into very tiny trunk
  7. Colorful and attractive graphic design
  8. Appropriate for long term use in respect of materials


  1. Too stiff to get flexibility
  2. Due to deck size and wheel-diameter, some riders have experienced wobbles
  3. Truck may need to be adjusted for getting more turning facility


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Question-1: Is the longboard able to carry 250lbs?

Answer: The official weight for this longboard is 220lbs. Since it is strong and durable enough more than 250lbs rider can use it.

Question-2: Is this board water proof?

Answer: It is not fully water proof. The top of the deck is covered by good quality grip tape; that’s why this part will not wet. You have to careful about the bottom that should not be wet.

 Question-3: Does the bearing good quality?

Answer: Yes, This longboard comes with ABEC-9 rated bearing; they are really superior in quality.

Question-4: Is the faster and smoother riding possible by this board?

Answer: Yes, due to its maple deck and super quality bearing, it moves so fast and the good quality truck and soft wheel ensure the smooth riding.

Question-5: Does the sliding possible with this longboard?

Answer: Yes, its truck and wheels are suitable enough for sliding.

Question-6: Is there doing tricks possible with this longboard?

Answer: Doing tricks and freeriding is possible with this longboard due to its rebounding soft wheel.

Question-7: What kind of surface is suitable for this board?

Answer: Usually this longboard is fit for commuting on the plain surface. But, due to its 78A soft wheel, it can go through little crack surface.

Question-8: Is there any cut out in this longboard?

Answer: Yes, this longboard has the cutout at both end of the deck. By which the truck of this longboard is properly fitted.

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Therefore, the Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard is really a product that is super quality in terms of its parts and materials. For such good quality parts, this is one of the finest quality longboards currently available in the marketplaces.  Good construction and authentic materials, the users are extremely admiring to this superior longboard. Tricks and fun making trait have also made this best quality longboard more popular to the users. Among much other finest quality longboard, this one is outstanding in respect of high-quality materials and suitability for new riders as well as the professionals.

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