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Welcome to our Longboardsreview.com, we are an adventurous team of longboarding and skateboarding. I am David Wilson the author and founder of this blog. I am a professional longboard rider. I have more than 15 year’s longboarding and skateboarding experience. Additionally, I have five more friends those are expert too and continuously helping me for building this blog.

We have a huge details guideline about every major part of a longboard (Deck, Truck, Wheel, Bearing etc), riding style (Downhill, freeride, Cruising, Carving etc) and others things those are related with longboarding. When you read the full article you will understand which longboard is best for you and which is not. You can call it as The Best Longboards Buying Guide.

At this blog, we are committed to providing you best informative resources about longboard. I can ensure you every topic I have posted; when you try to read, you will find tons of statics data, feature information, high-quality images, FAQs, tips, suggestions and much more.

David Wilson

Why Longboardsreview.com?

There are many people those who asked me a common question, which longboard should I need to buy?  I also used to give them best suggestions and tips to get a quality one. It took much time to make them understand.  So I decided to make a blog about longboarding and finding the best longboards available in the market.

In this site, I try to give you best tips from my experience and detail description of every best longboard I have recommended. Our aim is to provide you the best longboard according to your age, riding style, experience level and budget. Additionally, we are recommending you some quality accessories, safety gear and much more.

Continuously I am posting my articles.  I try to describe every topic in details and better than any other blog posts on the online.

How Can You Help Longboardsreview.com?

When we write a product review article, we try to highlight the real user experience. Our main focus is on product quality and we never ever compromise with the quality. I also prefer to recommend my followers the best longboards those are available in the market.

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Before writing a review on any particular longboards or topics, we get a limited period to test and research on that specific subject. That’s a limitation for us.

But as an individual user of a particular product, you shall use it for a long period and must get the better experience than us. In this respect, you can help this blog and community by sharing your experience. Moreover, you can send us a detail review article, pictures, static data about the particular product. I will feature you in our blog and community.

Do not forget to share the article if you like one. Like many others of you will be benefited because of your share. A small comment from you is a matter of my encouragement.

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Thank you for visiting our site. If you have any question and suggestion, related with this blog or longboard please don’t forget to  Contact Us.  I would be glad to reply you ASAP.

David Wilson
Author and Founder of Longboardsreview.com